I felt like I was at the State Fair, except there were no rides; but you knew everyone there!

                                                                      Tim Donnelly 10/6/08






Thanks to everybody for coming  and helping make the 2008 Ventura Campout a great success. Thanks always to Chef John McLaughlin and sous chefs Gene & Veda Meyer, musicians Virg Evans & Chuck Collazzi, stalwart volunteers Jeff Meyer, Rudy Hernandez, Tim Donnelly and Gary Sortino, special thanks to web master Terry Coultas and photographer Paul Atkinson. And thanks to all who traveled great distances to be with your old friends. What a great party! Check out these photos daily. See you again in the next few years. Stay alive. Don't slow down.

Terry Coultas  & Friend

Jeff, Rafela (in gorilla suit), John and Rudy dancing the night away

Chuck Collazzi & Virge Evans tune up for the party

Skip Gentry, Veda Meyer, Tim Donnelly

Jeff Meyer & Rudy Hernandez, doing what they do best!

Gene wearing Tommy Atkinson's bowling shirt

Alesandrea Meyer

Patrick Meyer at Emma Wood

Chef John & Pat Leahy

Patrick nailing it while Gene takes photos

Mike Larocque & daughter Jackie

John wears his Sheriff's Deputy pin, (from participating on the search team for Rudy at a previous campout), proudly.

Tim Donnelly serves up sage advice to his juniors

Carlo Stagnaro and Ahmad Shepard

Gary Sortino, Mike LaRocque, Tim Donnelly, and Mike's daughter

Jackie LaRocque

Ventura Surf Club and Caribou members Dennis Watson &

Tom Campbell

Camping & donuts

Vollyball practice

We'll miss you Skip. You were a

Van Nuys institution!

Paul Campbell & Kathy Dorney

Ahmad, Alesandrea, Jeff, Patrick checking out the surf

Tim McArdle, Jeff, John McLaughlin, Paul Atkinson

Roger Dorney & Cheryl Hardy Phillips

Kathy Dorney, Kathy Boulger Phillips, Dayna Marks

Tim, Jeff & John

The Brothers Campbell, Tom & Paul

Stan Thompson

This trailer gives new meaning to "Upside down"!

Dennis helps Tim with his

morning shower

Pat & Jeanne Atkinson Greco.

Nice Hat!

Tyler, Cole, & Elice DeLong enjoy a morning stroll before

any of the adults are up.

Below, Dennis babysits Rudy and Lisa Delong while the kids above party in the morning

Three basic food groups

The Cast: Rudy, John, Rafaela  & Jeff

Above and below: The Happy Meyer's, Alesandrea & Patrick

Tom Campbell & Veda Meyer

Ed Flynn gets some musical tips from Chuck Collazzi

Tom Campbell, Mike LaRoque,

Paul Atkinson, & Jeff Meyer

Kathy, Don & Cheryl

The Santa Clarita Contigent

Gary, Mike, Tim, and Jackie 


Dennis Watson, Veronica & Michael Young, Debbie Young, & Pat Leahy

San Francisco Bay Blues

Gary Sortino & Ron McCanna participate in the infamous Bra Trick

Skip, Jeff, Roger, & Gene

Rudolfo: Happy 80th

Rafaela Meyer

Eddie & Skip

and below with son Ian Flynn

Veda Meyer, daughter Suzanne O'Dell, and Sherry Collazzi

Roger Dorney

Terry at Home on a typical night

Mike Young & Paul Campbell

Dayna recites "Ode to the Caribou"

Cheryl, Terry, Eddy, Don