Happy New Year to all Caribou Club website fans, from Keith Robertson in Canada, to Jason Furlano in Chile,

from Baja to Brazil, and everywhere in between!

For all of you Caribou Club members who see "2013" in your newspaper headings today, congratulations, we don't have to memorialize you yet. But 2012 has been, as they say, another year.

Here's a recapitulation of

All Things Caribou, 2012

captured below on this webpage

For a recap of previous years, click

2011 Caribou Recap

2010 Caribou Recap

Also please check out duplicates and

more 2012 photos & stuff at

Announcements 2012


2012 kicked off in January with Buck Meadows

bidding farewell to our slow Caribou Buddy, Kim Jong Il of North Korea,

proving that even if you starve your people and eat all their food,

you still can't live forever.

By the way, Buck and his good friend Coastal Eddy have been busy

doing good, fighting the forces of evil throughout the world

and gathering stories for the Caribou Club website for 2013.

Also in January, the Caribou Club launches

"Let's Talk Caribou" 

Still looking for takers on this one.

(We may have been out technologized by the advent of text messaging)!


February 19.

We receive the sad and shocking news that our buddy

Mike LaRocque

has passed away after an illness lasting only eight days.

The Caribou Club sends a large contingent to the service in Agoura Hills,

attended by 500 other family members & friends


Happier news below - February 25 

The next John Meyer is born in Portland, Oregon

Parents Bob & Jenni Meyer celebrate the birth of "Jack Meyer"

first grandson of Jack and Stephanie Meyer

March 29...

Below, Honorary (It's only a matter of time) Caribou and Wolf

Joel DeLong turns 40.

Dennis & Gene & Joel's wife Lisa put together a surprise celebration in Ventura. We found out he has parents and a twin sister.

Here he is with Lisa.




The Caribou Club returns to Shipwrecks in Baja for surf, music, food, and an art project, above. This is one of two (at least) trips we made this year, so click on

Shipwrecks 2012 

Below: Jeff stands in front of the Shipwreck as he salutes

the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, April 15, 2012

On behalf of the Society of Shipwrecks (SOS) Get it? 



Art Project, so far

May 10 

We lose our great and legendary San Fernando Valley friend

Tim Culp 

Kathy Kuhner Craven, sister of Larry and David Kuhner, passes away in Van Nuys.


June 10 Caribou meet in Santa Monica to celebrate Fathers' Day and the unveiling of Paul Atkinson's project,

Sergeant Murphy Lonely Hearts Club Band

Below is Paul's photo

For info on how to get this album sized digital photo,

along with a handy key to who's who

contact Paul Atkinson at


June 15

So long to our old Van Nuys pal Jeff Hibbard


July 1 

We lose old engineer friend and Ventura boatrat, Jorg Michaelis


September 15

If things aren't bad enough, we lose our childhood icon

Sheriff John


August 1

Finally - Good news!

Cupids Hot Dogs reopens in Van Nuys


September 25-30

                                      The crew returns again to the

                             comfortable confines of Shipwrecks in Baja,

100 miles south of Ensenada

Any takers in 2013???

November 3


Caribou celebrate the Grand Opening of the

San Luis Obispo Vets' Center

300 attendees

Ukulele medly included:

"This Land is Your Land,"

"Accentuate the Positive,"

and "America the Beautiful"


November 6

Election Day   

                                                   Buck Meadows
                                           (click above for statement)
                                                    loses yet again in
                                               his bid for US President


November 10-11

Caribou celebrate Veterans Day Weekend with

poker party (Paul Ebert wins 2012 trophy)

and fruitcake hand off (Paul Atkinson gets the dubious honor)

Check Announcements 2012 for updates


November 12


We lose our old friend and Caribou brother

Michael McConnehey in Auburn

We're still working on Michael's memorial page, but we've had a collective headache since his passing, preventing us from from focusing (pun intended)

Coming Soon

Dec 17

Neil "Bud" Bolander, our old Valley friend and former partner of Bob Lemma, passes away in Auburn


December 23

Caribou meet for Holiday party and group photo below at Bay St... Click on:

Holiday Party


Ahmad's new toy, a drone which we will use to shoot arial photos of our parties, shown here in Santa Monica, just before New Year's Day

December 31

Happy New Year!

Here's to a great 2013 everybody, especially stay well to Jeff, Paul E., Ahmad, Keith, & Rudy!!!

Caribou Club plans for 2013 include a camp out late in the year,

and a plan to make the Caribou Club a 501 c-3 non profit organization so we can accept tax deductable donations we will use to provide information, support, and assistance, (free transportation, burial at sea, loans), to all Caribou (Senior) members and their communities.


Finally, Gotta sign off with this photo below.

                            Randi left us before 2012 but we still miss her.