Welcome to the 2016 Caribou Wrap, a summary of what some of the Caribou did during the last year.

  Above: The Ventura Surf Club kicked off the New Year with a Luau in January. Here are the Ukulaliens

looking like they know what they're doing.

Below:  Bassist Donna Eyman poses with our lovely hula dancers, former Ventura Surf Club presidents

Art Simmons and Keith Akins, (Yes, That's Keith's real hair).

Feel the Aloha, girls, and be thankful you're doing this gig in California instead of North Dakota.

Below: Here's Pat and Lily Leahy hanging out in Hanoi.
Pat said that they saw Vin Sculley and the Dodgers via video feed on the airport bus. So this means people can watch Dodger games in Vietnam, but in LA they still can't see them on TV. Go figure.

Above: Blast from the past to show Jeff, Rudy and John enjoying the sunset at Shipwrecks, 100 miles south of Ensenada.

Below: Jack skippers a boat in a San Francisco race. Hope he has insurance.
Above: Kathy Hively Campbell celebrates her big 70 with friends and family in Santa Clarita. Plenty of Caribou hats were passed around.

Below: You shoulda' been here yesterday!!!

Above: Terry, enjoying a rare moment of peace away from the engine room.

Below: A Gathering at UCLA Aquatics center to see Carlee Kapana (in front)
play for the Bruin Women's Water Polo team, which recently came within
10 seconds of winning the NCAA championship.
Back row: Gene, Joe and Susan Kapana, Veda. 
Front: Cole, Tyler and Elise Delong, Carlee, and Joel and Lisa Delong, along with newborn Jace.
Above: Norma Hernandez submitted this photo to show some of her and Rudy's travel this year. There's a Caribou message here somewhere.

Below: a visit to Chuck and Sherry Collazzi's place in 'Vegas finds Veda, Sherry, visiting brother Ed and wife Joy who live on Vancouver Island, Gene and Chuck
Below: You can't have a Caribou wrap up without Spring Training in Phoenix. The 2016 crowd, Led by Kathy Leahy in front, are Pat Leahy, Patty McNamara, Bill Kelly, Patti Healy, Paul Atkinson, Dennis Watson, and that handsome guy in the middle with the Yankee hat is Dennis' nephew Hank, who just graduated from The University of Maryland, and now has a job with the New York Jets!
Let's keep him in the pack.
Above: Tom Campbell waits outside a Jimmy Buffet concert.
(He looks way to sober compared to everyone else).

Below: Blast from the past. Who do you think this handsome couple are. One hint: the New Jersey license plate. Second hint: The guy is really not Patrick Meyer. But I'm sure the car belongs to someone else. Yes, it's John and Anne Meyer some time before 1947 when they moved to California. 

Blast From the Past Disneyland Style.
Above, The Church Hill Singers arrive for one of ten sets they will perform each day at Disneyland in 1963.
(We never figured out why they needed a Bluegrass band in Tomorrowland). 

Opening Day in 1957 for Disneyland. The guy on the left is LA session trumpeter extraordinaire Virg Evans. We can see where Virg Jr. gets his hair.

The Caribou Club get red carpet treatment at the Major League All Star game parade held in San Diego. Too bad the VIP treatment didn't come with tickets!
Steve "Dut" Thompson called in a radio station in Santa Barbara for a contest and won two weekend VIP passes and room at the Coachella Music Festival. Above and below: Big place. Who ever said things are better if you pay for them?
Not Dut and Karen.

We celebrated Bill and Trish's 50th wedding anniversary this year. Here's a photo of what you can create in those 50 years.
Happy Anniversary, Bill and Trish!

Above, Jack demonstrates how there are two ways to get to the Grand Ole Opry. One is practice, practice, practice.
The other is to take Uber.

Below, Penny celebrates 4th of July with this cake.
OK this will be the last photo we take of our food. 

Virg hits the clubhouse in England. We trust that he didn't try to hit any balls.

Caribou legend Tommy Lasorda has always philosophized,
"There are three kinds of people in the world:
Those who make things happen;
those who watch things happen;
and those who ask, 'What happened'?"
Here's Tommy making things happen with some ribs in Nashville.
Hope that new pacemaker is state of the art.

Above  OK. We have no idea who this baby is. Will the grandparents please step forward and ID him/her?

Another recent blast from the past. Here is John, Jeff, Dennis, Paul and Kenny preparing the La Jolla campground for a Caribou Campout. We have many requests to have another campout. Soon.

Happy 70th to Paul Atkinson, shown here at the famous
Sgt Murphy unveiling

Here's the Caribou Club's own Dave Leahy receiving his gold record from cousin Pat on selling 1 million copies of his composition, (click below)

Dave performed the song at a Bay St Breakfast and is planning a world tour as soon as the checks clear for the 1 million copies.
Thanks to Paul Atkinson for his creative help.

Above: Pat Leahy's Aunt Carol celebrates her 100th birthday with her 103 year old boyfriend at a dinner honoring them for their Caribou service.
This was voted our favorite Recap 2016 photo.
Come on, are these two great looking people?

Below: Veda Meyer poses in front of the sign for the annual Pig Party in Camp Bartlett, near Thomas Aquinas College, where the Thomas fire started. There were 12 cabins and a community center in a beautiful oak clustered setting. Now there are but 7. 

Jack attended a reunion of his Navy shipmates in Nashville and spotted this photo in a book. It's a Russian trawler off the coast of Vietnam,
with Jack obviously fending it off.

And now!!!
For the 2016 US election:
Jack survived the Navy to have a great life and meet cool people like
John, Hillary, and her friend Don while on the Buck Meadows Presidential campaign bus, stopping here in Van Nuys.

Above: An undocumented scarecrow named Vic, (Short for "Victory over crows") shows up in Ventura.
Buck Meadows makes Vic his vice Presidential pick.

Below: Tim Donnelly jumps into this election year
by asking all truckers to vote for him.
Good luck to Tim and Buck. Longshots? You bet.

Virg Evans, Gene Meyer, and Chuck Collazzi, formerly of the Church Hill Singers, Entertain before the annual Caribou Club Poker Party.
Mariachi, anyone?

Rudy Hernandez is looking dapper in his Caribou hat as he celebrates his 87th birthday barbecue with friends Bill (and Trish) McMenamin, Ron Renaud, Paul Atkinson, and Penny Meyer. Norma or Dennis took this shot.

John decides to dress up for Rudy's birthday.
Not to be too formal, underneath the Dodger apron, he's wearing shorts.

Rebecca Evans, daughter of Caribou stalwart Virg, rides lead horse on a twenty mule team hauling the Wells Fargo Stagecoach in the Rose Parade,
(Is it 2017 already?)

2016 Christmas photo of Ace Painters, shown here on a short break from painting Dennis Watson's house in Ventura. We've got Michael McLaughlin, dad John, Tom Campbell, Paul Atkinson, Gene, and Dennis.

Below: "Looks finished to me."

In Memorium
We'd like to end the recap with a mention
of some who left the heard this Year.

We lost our old buddy from Hawaii, Jon Tsukazaki, this year, shown above with long time friend Pat Leahy.

Below, Jon's old Punahou alum, Nainoa Thompson, captain of the famous Hawaiian Sailing canoe, Hokulea, scatters Jon's ashes in New York city.
Aloha, Jon.
Please check last year's (and the year before, etc) for more memorial postings.

That's it for this wrap. Hope to see you all soon. Thanks Dennis for posting many of these photos. We're currently putting together the 2017 Caribou Wrap, so if you have anything to add to our Caribou recaps, please contact Gene or Dennis. Aloha.