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Above, Caribou Club Celebrate Veterans Day with

Poker Party and Hand off of the Fruitcake, Nov 11, 2012

L to R: Ken Furlano, Jeff Meyer, Dennis Watson, Tom Campbell,

Paul Atkinson, (latest fruitcake recipient), Chuck Collazzi, (former owner of fruitcake and poker trophy), Gene Meyer, Terry Coultas, Paul Ebert, (Poker Champ 2012), Rudy Hernandez.


White House Update!!!!

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Nov 4, 2012

Caribou Attend Grand Opening of Vets Center

Happy 100th Birthday October 28, 2012. Click below on

Anne Meyer

October 15, 2012

Check out the comments on the passing of our beloved childhood hero

Sheriff John.

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Latest photos of the June 17, 2012

Fathers' Day Breakfast

and Caribou Club Album Release at Santa Monica! 

See Photos from last trip to 


Here's the latest from

John's Caribou Housewarming,

zombie cleansing and decorating adventure May 20. Click above


May 18, 2012

Sorry to say we lose our Caribou Stalwart,

Tim Culp


Below, Caribou Club members Pat, Dennis, Gene, and Paul take in batting practice last Monday, "Opening Day" of the new Dodger's ownership.

Also below, Magic Johnson, on the field, explains to the press the long standing relationship between the Dodgers and the Caribou Club.

Below, the weekend walkers start Cinco de Mayo on the Santa Monica Pier. Rudy, Tim, Bill, Jeff, Jack, Paul, & John

Below, same day, here's Pat Meyer celebrating Cinco de Mayo at rally he organized to Save Adult Education from being cut by the LAUSD. His wife Alasandrea cheered from the front row, along with more than 500 teachers, students, and supporters at the rally, held at Venice High School.For more info, go to

Above, here's Pat Leahy showing off his lifeboat and some Caribou Club apparel on a recent cruise through the Panama Canal with his wife, Lily, who claims that Pat clung to the lifeboat throughout the trip.

By the way, if you take any photos containing Caribou logo gear, especially in exotic, (Paris art gallery), or weird, (Van Nuys jail) venues,

please email them to Gene or Terry at emails above.

We need content, folks!

Below, Gene, dad Bob, Jeff, and grandpa Jack hang out with the latest edition of John Meyer in Portland.

Thank you Jeni Meyer for providing the baby and taking the photo.


Contributed by Caribou Club stalwart, Dennis Watson 


Celebration of the Centennial of Titanic Sinking!

Below: Caribou Club representatives John McLaughlin and Jeff Meyer,

 salute at sunrise in celebration of the

100th anniversary of the HMS Titanic's final day, (above water), 

April 15, 1912.

They traveled to the Caribou Club surf  Headquarters in Mexico,

 called "Shipwrecks",

to share in the festivities sponsored by the internationally renown organization,

"Society of Shipwrecks," ("SOS").

Other members of the Mexico SOS group included Terry Coultas, Pat Leahy, Patrick Meyer, Ahmad Shepard, Maggie Klaus, Alan Somers, and Gene Meyer.


Below is Maggie Klaus, one of the sharpshooting bodyguards who travel the world surfing and protecting Buck Meadows and other Caribou Club members,

practicing her skills at Shipwrecks in Mexico on a trip earlier this month.

To see more photos of that trip, click on







Wolf Update, March 2012 

Here's whats happening to some of our

Caribou Club members in "training" (read: denial!)

Below is Joel Delong, who celebrates his 40th birthday on March 27, pictured with his twin sister Felicia, who Joel says is 42.

(And to think Joel reads tape measures for a living!)


Wolf report #2

Below, here's Patrick Meyer, shortly after completing the

Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 24th,

enjoying his first cold one at a famous Caribou Club watering hole,

Big Dean's,

located next to Santa Monica Pier, the finish line.

Wolf report #3

Above, papa wolf Bob Meyer juggles cub John Meyer on his lap.

John was born in Portland February 25th to wife Jeni & proud Grandparents

Jack and Stephanie Meyer

This posting March 17, 2012.

Where has the year gone? What am I on?

In response to the many concerns and complaints we get about not updating this website more often, we can only say sorry, but the staff here at Caribou Club headquarters aboard Perfect (New Page!) don't think about it very much. We have other things to do like fishing, (That's a lie, boat's broken), surfing, playing golf, traveling to Mexico, (upcoming trip in April, 2012), and (for some Caribou Club members), working. But thank you to our ever complaining worldwide audience for tuning in from time to time to see what's happening in the Announcements 2012 section with Coastal Eddy, Buck Meadows, and the rest of the staff here at Caribou Control. And as you can see, we've built quite an archive in this website in the last few years, and that stuff isn't going away.

Suggestions? Photos? Threats? How about something from you? Send stuff in. 

To see our recently deceased pal

Mike LaRocque's Memorial Page, click Mike's name.


Pictured below and leading off the year in a rare tribute to the Caribou Club and celebrating his birthday, which just happens to be St Patrick's Day, is Chuck Collazzi, surrounded in Las Vegas by some of his most precious possessions, including the Lou Watson Poker Trophy and the Mickey McAdam Memorial Fruitcake. Nice shirt, Charlie. Also like the Jack 'O Diamonds.

Above, here's Jeff and Norma, celebrating Jeff's Social Security birthday in February at his office, (The Cartel) in North Hollywood

As for where Buck Meadows will turn up next, check out below as he was photographed this year attending, incognito, a Syrian Freedom Fighters' Civil War training session.

Buck says all's well, except for learning the language

and there's way too much lead in the food.

Below: John Meyer was born on February 25, 2012 to Jeni & Bob. Proud grandparents Jack and Stephanie Meyer were there at the arrival in Portland. The Caribou Club is taking up a collection to buy the little guy a wetsuit.

Pat Leahy checked in this St Pat's morning, and according to info Pat got from Coastal Eddy about Osama bin Laden, it turns out that after living in that compound for five years with three wives and never once leaving, bin Laden actually call the SEALs himself!

Who does the Caribou Club endorse so far for President ?

See below.

Above, if you're asking why the website has not been updated in a while, and why we're not fishing, Terry points to one of the reasons aboard Perfect.

At least no one is getting seasick these days.

Just for nostalgia, here's Dennis last year. Can it happen again?

Terry says, "You Betcha!"


Below, Jeff wants to show you where we're going in April.

Click above in the blue Menu Bar or on Let's Talk Caribou,

or call Jeff or any of us if you're interested in going. 

(Below: John, Patrick, Gene, Rudy, Dennis, Jeff)

Finally, no update would be complete without a shot of Rudy, shown here wearing a NASA (felt) space helmet, in his portrayal of,

"What would it look like if the moon landing actually took place in Baja?" Shipwreck in the background right; jumper cables, boat and shovel provided by the Caribou Club de Camalu, Mexico