Welcome to Announcements 2013.

This page will have the latest photos and info on the Caribou Club for this year.

Last Posting: October 19, 2013

Click below for photos from our Aug 30-31

2013 Caribou Campout

Also see Caribou Recap 2012

Leading off the new Year is Jack Meyer, shown here teeing off at Cypress Point. Jack's advice this year to all the Caribou:

Keep your head down. 

Dennis, Paul, and Pat decided to skip winter,

so here they are at

Dodgers' Spring Training Camp, Camelback Ranch,  in Glendale, Arizona

Paul nails a shot of Sandy Koufax, (sunglasses), trying to steer clear of

Tommy Lasorda's entourage 

Camelback Ranch

How about a Caribou Club fieldtrip next year???

I picture a bus with a bathroom

The elusive Buck Meadows takes time out from his role as Papal Advisor in Rome to train Dodgers starters in

"The Zen of War and Laying Off the Low Outside Slider."


Above, here's Veda with her new pal,

Kinky Freidman,

in Ventura recently. Kinky is planning another run for

Governor of Texas,

and he asked Veda to help with the campaign.

His slogan last time: "How Hard Can It Be?" 

New Slogan: "Why the Hell Not?"


John & Maggie help Jeff celebrate another birthday in Febuary at

Bay St. in Santa Monica.

Jeff & Gene are once again the same age for a month,

(commonly known as "Irish Twins.")


Be careful of falling in the surf.

Above, here's an x-ray of Billy Bowles foot after surfing at Mondo's.

Luckily, Bill is back in the water thanks to modern medicine and titanium screws.

Excuse me, but you can actually get this hardware at Harbor Freight!

Good luck getting through TSA at LAX on that one!

As we head into March, above, here's a shot of Stan Thompson,

after braving the waters of Lake Almanor in Plumas County.

Nice catch, Stan

(Make mine smoked and on a bagel with cream cheese)


In February, Terry, at the urging of the Harbor Patrol, decided to haul out his boat Perfect. He also decided to change the boat's name. He knows that changing the name of a boat is bad luck, but he already changed it once.

Original name: Velvet Elvis

New Name: The Enabler

Please click here on

Perfect/The Enabler

to see the latest haul out photos

Terry is also working on a website for the boat. Check it out in progress at


Happy Spring, everyone!