Hi. I'm Dayna Marks, and I'm the first woman Caribou Club Member. But don't think I'm a wimp because I'm a girl. I did something no other Caribou member could ever do... I married Tommy Atkinson! 


An ode to the Caribou
Which includes most of you
from the old days when it used to be
some of us from here and some from there you see

An ode to the Caribou
from young men brought up in tiers of families
bringing in brethren that came along for the ride
now the Caribou is all of part of me and of you side by side

An Ode to the Caribou
which originally formed the infamous North and South
played in park and a golf course
has now become an annual event held at a new source

On a beach of the ocean where the Caribou can
graze on sand and wind and have their annual rituals- HERE
of counting their blessings and glad to still be in mind to remember why
they once again made the annual trek hopefully stay dry

On the North South, getting together for opening day at Dodger Stadium
Standing up at the top of aisle 33 and just toasting the bums new season in ways
as it was also another season for those all of us that were there for a reason
remembered we we living our legacy, these were the good old days

Oh Once with lots of hair on our heads
locks brown, blonde, black and gold
now as I look out upon the crowd
looks like some of that hair has been sold

An Ode to the Caribou
you will all remain in our hearts fro once you came
never to go back again
but to remain here with the caribou creating new CARAMEMORIES

Layers of sons creating offspring to carry on the legend
of living in the moment, challenging each other at baseball or golf and surf
enjoying the fruit of the Vine and the controversy of Coors or Bud Or BUD
Now who gives a damm   -  just get it down!!!!

What a pleasure it has been to be a part of this family of friends
always there for each other in all ways
giving from the heart and soul AND FROM THIS AND THAT PLACE
with a smile on faces that have mellowed from grace

I send lots of love up above to those legends that have made their way to watch
over us, probably laughing at the new antics that we will witness
because we can and will and will
always honor those of us that have given us those memories

The legends of the North and South
what a classic act you have bestowed on all of us
Once I thought what a treat it would be to get the FRUITCAKE….but now
You  have honored me the only female Caribou…a CARIBABE

I was honored last November when I turned 60 to have been given the honor
to be proclaimed as the first and only female Caribou and it is indeed an honor like I said
I was hoping for the fruitcake…wow much better
and let me tell you= the odds are pretty good. One Femme Caribou and all of you men!

Now, no jokes about stud service you guys,  its all negotiable.

On Caribou Secretsl……oooooaaaaaaa
to those of you who have been there for me
what ever brought us together will stay in my memory
thank you fro the support along the way
and if there was more, that’s between us…you know who you are!!! Its in my heart to stay


Here I am with one of my many Caribou buddies, Pat Leahy, just before I delivered "An Ode To the Caribou" at our 2008 campout in Ventura

With my good friend Debbie at sunset in Ventura