Ho Ho Ho, or as they say in the cyber world: LOL   LOL   LOL

Here are some shots of the Caribou Club Holiday Breakfast,

Sunday, Dec 23, at Bay St.

Salsa, omlettes, refried beans, and Spanish rice.

Above: Group shot
Below: Dan & Judy Koenig help Gene tune the ukulele

Above: Feliz Navidad, Darwin & Sal

Above: Maggie puts up with Gene's playing

Below: Rafaela, Alessandrea, and Patrick at the beach!

Above:John, (center) hangs out with JP and Terry Coultas 

Below: Trish, Jeff, Chris & Steve listen to Dennis explain

how we got reindeer, (Caribou) to Santa Monica

Above: Pam & Pat enjoying the sunshine

Below: The Group. Great food, family & friends