Recent sighting of the fruitcake at Caribou 2010 Campout in La Jolla Canyon

Death and Burial at Sea of the Fruitcake

To all who have owned, seen, (or smelled) the fruitcake,

you maybe should sit down for this.

Here are the last moments of the fruitcake, photographed by Paul A.

at Arch Rock, Anacapa Island, final resting place for many Caribou,

(including Jeff on this day)

Mickey McAdam claimed that you can never get rid of a fruitcake

Can this fruitcake possibly ever return?

Will anyone ever receive a fruitcake after this?

Only Time Will Tell!


Terry stadies the helm at Arch Rock and

since he owned it twice, Dennis gives the toss

Nice follow through

What hang time!

Is it really gone? Stay tuned.