"Being Gene Meyer is a full time gig!"

                          ....Suzanne O'Dell

Baja, Mexico

Above: Terry, Jeff & Gene at Shipwrecks, our favorite surf spot

Below: Jeff, Gene, and John in a real Mexican restaurant

Caribou Migration Vancouver Island, Canada
L to R: Tom Campbell, Dennis Watson, Paul Ebert, Pat Leahy, our host Keith Robertson, Kane Healy, Front: me

Welcome to my page. Here are two photos, above and below, of Caribou members taken outside the United States. Can you guess which is in Mexico and which is in Canada? Please note that, while all of the persons appearing in these photos are suspected lawbreakers, few have convictions of any type.  

If I fail to update this page regularly, please click on the  Legends webpage to see if I'm still alive. 


Above: Shipwrecks, Mexico, just before a rumble in the local village.

Note the wifebeater shirts.

Above: My Dad, Mom, me, and Jeff

Below: Me in Costa Rica. Photo credit: Paul Atkinson

Even folk legends need a porta-potty once in a while

Above, in my all star playing days.

This was taken the day I met Veda. You'd think she'd make better choices!

 Here I am training a future Caribou, Mike Young, in how to trade pins at the '84 Olympics. No Caribou pins there.






Below: More '84 Olympic moments at Dodger Stadium

 Above: Costa Rica surfing trip. 1998



Below, my trophy children, Danny & Suzanne O'Dell

 Above: My first wife, Veda. She's great, but I wear the pants suit in our family.





Below: My greatest moment in showbiz, meeting my third wife Helen for the first time, after our band had just arrived from Green Bay to Miami,1964. This is the only known photo of Helen. The Devil must have missed this one.