John Meyer

1909 - 2003

Mister Muni Golfer tees it up at Balboa Golf Course

We had a great breakfast Sunday, November 15, to celebrate John Meyer's 100th birthday. He would have loved it. Breakfast, buttons, photographs, laughs, music, sunshine, family & friends. Here are some shots of the party.

Below: Jeff, Paul (Hanging 10), Gene, Jack.

Watch out Beach Boys!

Oops! Jeff, Paul, Gene, John, Jack 

Above: Rudy, Dennis, Chuck, Bill, Terry. 

Where's the Lifeguard? 


Patrick, John, Pam, Bill 

Looking for veggy refried beans 

Pat, Bill, Lily, Dennis, & Patrick


Terry, Bill, Maggie 

Above: Jeff, working on a Sunday


Bill & Gene 

Dennis & Pat 

(Bloody Marys with Old Fedcal Vodka) 

Above: Emily, (Official Caribou Club Nurse), and her proud father, Jack


Above: Terry, Gene, Ed


Jack & Jeff 

Gene, John, Dennis


Kelly & Penny at the beach 

Steph, Emily, & Jack 

Sherry Collazzi telling Dennis how she ended up with Chuck, Terry & Ed Flynn 

Singing "Put Another Candle on My Birthday Cake"

L to R back: Terry, Veda, Dennis, Suzanne, Linda, Ed, Sherry, Vivian. Front: Noah and Patti (Atkinson, John Meyer's Goddaughter) Healy, and Paul A

Vivian Flynn talking art and surfing to the Santa Monica Sisterhood 

Dennis, Veda, & Linda 


Dave & Sandy Carter 

Emily explaining to John why he's not invited to her graduation 

The Band: Chuck John, Gene


Rudy in his new hat 

Serving up rice, potatoes, beans and eggs to Vivian 

Happy 81st birthday, Rudy. You still got legs 

Da Chefs