October 17, 2008


From Ed Flynn

I'm writing to let a few people know that on Saturday, October 11,  2008, my sister Sheila passed away, unexpectedly, in her sleep at the age of 80. By all accounts she was enjoying her life in St. Paul, Minnesota. caring for two small children (Katy's Grandchildren) and living a full life with her sister. Her life was caring for kids, 20 years at Pinecrest teaching, and helping raise all her brothers and sisters kids, then the kids of those kids and so on....... but I was her prototype! Being her little brother, I taught her all she knew about kids, as I was the test, and the most spoiled, for the entire 64 years I knew her. I'll miss her.




From: Cheryl Phillips <ladybooker@sbcglobal.net

To: "Edward Flynn" edw.flynnfarm@sbcglobal.net

Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 11:23 PM


I'm so sorry to here about Sheila, Ed. But what a great way to go - in her sleep - isn't that just like her -going quietly without any fanfare - she was always the quiet one -off to the side - keeping to herself - but if  you sat next to her,  and struck up the conversation - oh, what a great sense of humor she had and oh, how bright and insightful she was. She had an "old soul" and being a caretaker was her calling. From I'm sure taking care of her younger siblings to taking care of your mom in her later years - to taking care of little ones with Katie -those children who had her in their lives as their teacher, mentor, aunt, or great aunt were given a gift.  She is remembered with great love.

Our connections are meant to be - and being close to those who know us so well and for so long help us through the difficult times.  "Things happen for a reason." - I am a true believer in that saying, and the Caribous gave you and all of us an opportunity to reconnect – And it is a good thing - this crazy Caribou thing! 

Will there be a service in California? 


Cheryl - Thanks for the kind and thoughtful note. You described Sheila and her person well. She was the "back-up" person for the family or anyone that needed what she had. If you took the time she was insightful and had a lot to say on many topics, but you had to go there and engage her, she wouldn't get in your face. She will be cremated and the process between Minn. and Calif. will take several weeks. She'll be placed in San Fernando Mission Cemetary, with her other family members, which is beginning to occupy a substantial amount of space. Be in the moment and enjoy what is happening in front of you or you'll miss it. 


Thanks again------- more later.