November 2nd, 2020
 All Souls Day
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Roger was an original Caribou Club member on this website.
We will miss him
We hope you enjoy this tribute to Roger.
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Below is The Caribou Club Sgt Murphy photo by Paul Atkinson
Can you spot Roger and Kathy? Can you find yourself?
Many others in there, too. Lucky lifelong friends.

Below, Roger hanging a left onto PCH

Roger William Dorney, son of William Charles Dorney and Helen Theodora Sowa, was born on June 28, 1943 in Cook County, Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois. He passed away on October 5, 2020, on his beloved Balboa Island, California. Roger was married to the love of his (and everyone's) life,
Kathryn Margaret Russo, known to all as Kathy.
He attended St Frances DeSales elementary school,
Notre Dame High School Class of '61, (Go Knights!),
and Woodbury College
Roger spent his professional career in the Southern California movie industry. From 1966, he was a member of Local 600 Camera Union, and worked as an Optical Cameraman and a Visual Effects Supervisor.
Gotta tell ya. Roger worked hard and he had the coolest job,
but he always belonged in that job. Roger had the cool San Fernando Valley life at the perfect time
In whatever part of his life that you encountered him,
whether it was in your teens, 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's and, yes 70's,
he was that same solid guy, Roger.
His friends and family will sorely miss him.

In additional to Kathy, Roger leaves children Paul William, Lee Erin, and Roger "Ryan"; also brother Dennis and sisters Laurette, Lisa, and
Lynda (d-1973); Grandchildren: George Thomas Chumo III,
Patrick "Packy" William Chumo, Charlotte Grace Chumo,
(Father: George William Chumo II, Notre Dame Class of '88  Go Knights!) 

Enjoy this page. Come back and visit any time.

Roger at work on optical printer. Apogee Productions

Sherman Oaks, 1949 
Good hair, good legs, nice jacket.
Good LA start

Roger at quarterback with brother Dennis on right
Ah, growing up in the San Fernando Valley in the '50's !

Freshman Yearbook, Notre Dame High School. 
Go Knights!

Knotts Berry Farm, 1965. 

1958, looking cool already

Teenage Party 1959

Here's Roger with a great '61 Notre Dame team, Go Knights,
Herbst, Petrella, Goosen.
(Still remember Eddie Flynn and Gene Meyer were the last two to be cut
just before this photo.
Ed couldn't hit a curve, and Gene couldn't pitch one).
This team was exciting to watch, and Roger had a great year.

At grandson George's birthday, 
Reptile Theme.

Roger and Kathy celebrate at Barney's Beanery after 
"Star Treck, the Motion Picture" Premiere

Wedding, 1966. 

Academy Award winners 
Scientific Achievement Award 
with partner John Erland

Roger and lifelong pal, Jim Young check out the old '47

From Terry:
I've known Roger since 1953 in grade school at St Francis De Sales in Sherman Oaks. In about the 4th grade my family moved to Oregon where we hated the weather and moved back to Van Nuys, around 1956.  Roger and I were reacquainted in 1963 after he had graduated from Notre Dame and  I was graduating from the Marines. After 60 some odd years of knowing Roger, I’ve got way too many stories to pick from, so here’s a shot at one.  
For many years Mrs. Dorney would rent a beach house at Balboa Island. Regardless of our animalistic behavior the previous years she always seemed to invite us back for the next year. One night Roger decided we should have a Toga Party because he had just seen Animal House and thought we could replicate the party. We somehow gathered up $4.00 from the group so we could buy a couple of extra cases of Brew 102. About midnight we had run out all forms of alcohol, including our backup of Ripple and Thunderbird wine. Roger volunteered to go to the store and get some more beer, can’t argue with that so off he went walking right down Balboa Blvd dressed to the gills in his homemade Toga. Roger doesn’t remember what happened the previous night but the Ticket read “Suspect was walking down Balboa Blvd partially covered in a sheet and carrying two cases of beer."
Roger and Jimmy Young again.
Never had either of them pegged as flower children.
Also gotta love the Penny's Towncraft white t shirts.

Roger and Mike Almquist,
Notre Dame High School.
Go Knights!

John Erland, Roger, and Denny Kelly
Apogee Productions, 1984

Here's Roger's Senior photo at Notre Dame High School. 
Go Knights!

When Roger was a senior at Notre Dame, I was a sophomore 
and my brother Jeff was a lowly freshman. 
Roger was a football guy and Jeff and I were basketball guys.
He was the first real (intelligent) jock I ever knew.
We gave him plenty of room to pass by in the halls. 
We would all become lifelong friends. 
So long, Roger...Gene

Cook County, Chicago, 1945
Great Grandma Dorney, Grandma Dorney, father Bill Dorney, and Roger
4 generations of Dorney's

On the set of "The Natural," filming on an insert stage at Apogee. 
Last minute need for a catcher?
Roger gladly filled in!

Gotta show this again, one more shot of So Cal life in a '47 Ford

From Cheryl:

I heard that Whitey Ford passed away. Aside from watching baseball games and laughing with my husband, Stan, Roger now gets to chat with Whitey Ford about his beloved New York YANKEES.

I think maybe this is what Roger thought heaven might be………⚾️

Thad Phillips, Tim Boulger and Roger enjoy
everything in the Sunday basic food group.

Working on a part for the '47

7057 Sunnyslope Av, hanging onto 
Paul, Ryan, and Lee

Busch Gardens with the same crew, 
Lee, Ryan and Paul
Georgie's first t-ball game, with "Opa"

Ryan refers to this photo as 
"Poorly dressed children sitting on their parents' laps".

Christmas Eve 2016 with Lee's children: 
Patrick, Georgie, and Charlotte

Thad, Jay, Kathy, Roger, Kathy, Don and Stephanie
Tough living in SoCal
Roger feeds Patrick. July 2006


Bob Harnish, Lee & George Chumo, Jay Smith, Tommy Anne Flaherty, Melinda Harnish, Krissjohn and Bobby Harnish, Balboa Peninsula Fun Zone

Kathy, Kathy, Stephanie, Jeanne, Roger, Cheryl, and Don.
Good shot. Who took it?

I lost a dear, dear friend this past week. I so love this picture of Kathy and Roger. Can't remember if it was in Italy or Germany. Oh, how Roger loved to travel, and I think maybe he even loved planning his trips on his computer more than the trips themselves - haha! My best memories over the years have been how the Dorneys opened their home on Balboa Island to dozens to celebrate the 4th of JULY every summer. I can still picture Rog BBQing his shrimp, sausages, burgers and hot dogs all evening long till everyone of us could eat no more. So many wonderful memories over all the years - May peace be your journey, my forever friend. RIP
Bob and Diane Benjamin flank Kath, Roger, Kathy, and Don

Relaxing in Ventura at the Caribou Club Campout with old Valley friends

Karen and Greg Brewster join in the Campout.

The camping firebugs: Skip Gentry, Jeff, Roger, (in his Caribou hat) and Gene

Terry, Roger, Abby, Paul, and Jeanne
bringing up old times in Van Nuys

Clarice, Roger, Paul Atkinson and Paul Campbell.
No, none of them stayed in that tent.

Dennis, Terry and Roger discuss Terry's neat Caribou Club hat

Son-in-law George Chumo II and his dad, George Sr, hold grandchild, George Chumo III, with another proud grandpa, Roger

Father-in-law John Russo and Roger attend 
Ryan's graduation from San Diego State University.

Roger and Dennis Flaherty, 
(he came highly recommended by his cousin Cheryl),
restore the 47 convertible.
Looks like Roger is a big help.

Roger and his sister Laurette Dorney Fox

Roger and friend, (partners in many properties), Bob Henderson.

And here's Roger with Bob's wife,
Sheila Leonard Henderson.
Sheila and Bob are lifelong friends of the Dorneys. 
Their families, who moved from Chicago after WW II, 
have stayed together for 2 generations. 

Proud Father, stunning daughter
(and still cool, my niece Kelly tells me)
Lee's Wedding

Patrick, Growing

The Balboa Island House, 4th of July,

Here's a good one:
Bottom Row: Mike McDuffee, Stan Phillips, Roger, Tim McDuffee
Top Row: Cheryl Phillips, Kathy Dorney, Jeanne McDuffee

Roger and Stan, (Picking Roger's pocket?)
New Years Eve Party at the Phillips' Home.

Terry Coultas, Roger, and Don Phillips

Kathy, TomiAnne, Roger, Stephanie, with
Kathy and Don at their home in Roseville 4th of July.

Above, Terry and Gene discuss with Roger
how we're planning to wrap up this webpage.

The two guys on the left, combined, were
friends with Roger for over 100 years!
So long, Roger

Favorite parting shot:

Roger and family enjoy the ride in the old '47.

No caption necessary

1967, on the beach in Mexico
Ryan calls this his dad's Jack Nicholson smile

So long, Roger
Requia scat en pacem
Rest in peace

Below are some photos from Roger's working webpage

 Venezia - 2008

Cinque Terre - This is my happy place!

 Portovenere - It's a wonderful life

 Portofino - Home of the $10 Diet Coke!!

 Lahaina, Maui - Halloween 2006

 Donnie and Roggie - 4th of July - Balboa Island