This webpage is dedicated to our old friend, husband, and Caribou Club brother,

Rudy Hernandez 

Rudy passed away on June 18, just five months short of his 90th birthday this November 19. Below are some photos accompanied by words from some of Rudy's many friends. If you have any words or photos you would like to add, this web page will gladly post them for you if you email them to: (

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Video of Rudy

Rudy Hernandez, age 16, prepares for his first deployment.
Rudy said that he first got sick going under the Golden Gate Bridge and weighed less than 90 lbs by the time he arrived in the Philippines

Above: L to R: Hernandez brothers

Rudy Roy, Tommy, Rudy, Bobby, Ralph

Below: Ralph, Rudy, Rudy Roy

Below, a couple of shots of Rudy and his favorite traveling companion, Norma.

Above, Jeff, John, Rudy, Gene, and Patrick, who owns a house here at Punta San Jacinto, a surfing beach in Baja 100 miles south of Ensenada, known by surfers as Shipwrecks, (possibly because of the shipwreck behind them?). Rudy traveled there many times with us in search of surf, great Mexican food, and cerveza.

Hanging out at Shipwrecks, Baja Mexico, with Ahmad

Below: John, Patrick, Gene, Rudy, Dennis, and Jeff

at the beach entrance to Shipwrecks, (still 5 miles away down a dirt road)

Memories from Terry

Rudy was such a great guy and so fun to be with, especially when he was telling many stories of his life experiences. From his Navy days, where he, like me, embarked on that early military journey at the tender age of sixteen, to his boxing days where he beat his opponent to near death with his mighty blows; well, that’s what he said.  Most of you don’t know he and Norma were citrus growers in one of the last few standing groves in Van Nuys. It had to be thirty years ago that Jeff and I walked to Rudy and Norma’s house to raid their tangerine tree that was always loaded to the gills with the best fruit you’ve ever tasted.

I’ll end this with a quick story of how I was confronted with Rudy’s navigable skills and his first hand knowledge of the seas around us. It was on one of our camping weekends in Ventura, and Gene had suggested that those who wanted could go on a ride on Terry’s 40 ft fishing boat in the morning. Well, the first one who jumped up was, of course Seaman 11th class Hernandez. When we got to the boat sometime Sunday morning the seas were as calm as could be, not a ripple in sight. I always worry about sea conditions in fear of someone getting sick. Obviously, the last person we had to worry about was Rudy and I knew I could count on him to help me with those who do get sick. We had just reached the breakwater when I turned around and saw Rudy dumping everything he had eaten for the last few days overboard. At that point everybody aboard agreed to turn the boat around and get Seaman 11th class Hernandez back on level ground.

Terry Coultas

After the stories above about of Rudy getting sick in the Navy and on Terry's boat, here he is in San Quentin, Baja, in the calmer confines of Niñolandia with his friend and neighbor, Jeff. 

Above: Jeff, Rudy, John, and Joel pose with the shipwreck.

Below: I'll bet you didn't know Rudy was a skateboarder.

Above: one of Rudy's favorite settings: under the hood of a truck in a Super Mercado parking lot in Ensenada.

Below: taking risks in Costa Rica

Above: Sitting on Santa's (Jeff's) lap.

Below: the Caribou Club Hula Troupe in Santa Monica for a birthday party.

Above: Jack Meyer, brother of Gene and Jeff, and Rudy share a laugh at
Santa Monica Beach

Below: Group Camp Out, Ventura Beach

Above: I'll bet you didn't know Rudy could survive on skates,        Santa Monica.

Below: Costa Rica. All the surfer girls wanted a picture with Rudy.

Above: July 3 on Van Nuys Blvd. with neighbors Jeff and Carolyn.

           Below: One of Rudy's many costumes, this time in Baja.                  Notice the color coordinated beer.

Above: Jeff, Rudy, Gene, Bill, Santa Monica

Below: Rudy meets Archbishop Jose Gomez, Head of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Father Gomez once served the parish that the Hernandez family belonged to in San Antonio.

Above: Paul, (The guy who put the DVD together), Patrick, Rudy, and Gene, (The guy who's doing this webpage).

                           Below: My favorite shot of me and Rudy                       The cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears, or the sea.

Above: son Chris and Norma

Below: Rudy shows off his Caribou Club hat

Above: Norma, Rudy, and Dennis enjoy a reunion.

Below: John and Jeff try to talk Rudy into jumping into an empty swimming pool on skateboards. Rudy can be seen here saying, "I'll be in the car with the cooler." Cuatros Casas, Baja.
Rudy hanging out with young pals Mike Young and Pat Meyer

Below: Rudy in yet another Caribou Club hat making breakfast for Norma and 50 other hungry people at Santa Monica Beach.
Reunion at Bob's Big Boy in Sunland. Clockwise: Dennis, Bill, Gene,  Tom, Fred, Paul, Pat, Rudy, and Jeff, (sitting)
Above: Rudy holds his son Rudy,
who now lives in the Bay area and sends his love.
Jeff, Rudy's son Bobby, Rudy, and John finish up working on Jeff's Roof.
Van Nuys

Rudy moved into the Van Nuys neighborhood almost thirty years ago.  He made his usual immediate impression on others.  He smiled often, helped often, laughed constantly and brought an enthusiasm to every neighborhood project.  His labor was free and he loved to assist all.

I was amazed to discover that Rudy only spent three years in service to his country as a member of the Navy.  I was more amazed that he has told more than thirty years of stories about his adventures in the US Navy!  How is that possible?  Go Navy!

A trip to Mexico with Rudy was a lifetime experience.  Wake up every morning and he was asking who wanted to have a beer!  I should mention Rudy needed constant supervision, but that is another story.

I know and saw that Norma was the love of his life.  He loved his family ancestry and enjoyed their family reunions.  He was one of many children and he told me they were all special!  Rudy was most special and I, along with many others, will miss him.

I am warning Marilyn Monroe right now to be careful, as Rudy can be most persistent!

Say hello to our friend Jeff!

John Michael McLaughlin

Above: The pleasures of Mexico. Notice the wooden outdoor plumbing.

Below: The pleasures of Costa Rica. Checking out the surf with Patrick.
The band plays one of its favorites, Zombie Jamboree.
We always begin by announcing,
"We've had several requests, but we've decided to play anyway.
Jeff, Gene, Norma, Rudy, Maggie

Below: Van Nuys neighbors Rudy, Jeff, and Ron take a well deserved break.
Ron and Rudy visiting Tijuana on business.
Was this photo in their expense account?

Rudy gets the royal treatment from the Notre Dame Band.
(Actually, he just walked through the wrong door and I had a camera).

Rudy and his favorite date

Rudy and his second favorite date. He and Jeff are united again

"The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power

to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour.

Now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil with good will.

Place no faith in time. For the clock may soon be still."

Requiascat en pace.
Rest in Peace, Rudy

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