This page is dedicated to our Caribou friends who we haven't seen in years or who have fallen of the face of the earth. We'll start here with posting names we've pulled out of the blue. Anyone who knows where these people are; let us know and we'll post it here and subsequently try to get a hold of them. Gene and Cheryl are both retired and need things to do anyway so this should keep them busy. You may want to look at the following link before you start what could be a futile search:

Death Search


Lets start with these friends

Jim Katzenbarger - Passed away 2/11/97

Pat Katzenbarger - Alive and well living in Tarzana

Terry Forte - married Rex Strong and lives in Las Vegas

Leslie Forte- married Tom Connors - Divorced - Lives in Thousand Oaks

Phil Flowers

Jim Keithley

Bill Petrotta 3/30/09 - Found him in Ventura his e-mail (

Steve McAdam - Found, Steve and wife Chris live in Redondo Beach Ca.

Ron McKnight

Rita Willey

Pat Coghlin - Retired (Lives in Canyon Country)

Mike Matheson

Bob Miller

Lynn Cox

Jeff Cox

Vince Sisti

Nancy Almquest

Mike Almquest

Dick Weber  (ask Ron Renaud - he use to live with Jeff Prettyman)

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