Below are some photos of the Caribou Club's

2012 Fathers' Day Breakfast

Held at Bay St next to Santa Monica Pier

which included

breakfast burritos, compliments of Chef John,

a tribute to our recently departed friend, Tim Culp,

neckties for all the fathers,

and the unveiling of Paul Atkinson's Caribou Club Album cover

Paul unveils his latest art project, which includes a cast of many.

For information on how to get a copy of this Caribou Club Album Cover,

Contact Paul for a digital hard copy.

Gene decides to bail from breakfast cooking duties with Chef John to sing a Fathers' Day song.

It's not easy to remember words while you're balanced on an ice chest.


Everybody checks out  the album cover.

More people check it out! 

Penny plots her next move against Marcus 

John, Paul, Rafaela 

More participants checking out the Caribou Album Cover 

Happy Fathers' Day

Grandfather Terry, granddaughter Rian, & father Regan Coultas 

Gene, Alan, John, & Paul hang at the kitchen 

Proud dads Ron & Patrick compare their ties at the beach 

Frank & Dayna enjoy the breakfast. Nice tie! 

Santa Monica Surfers George & Jeff 

Pat shows off the Caribou Album cover to Loren and Su Young.

Nice tie, Loren, Happy Fathers' Day!

Trish & Bill McMenaman enjoy the morning with fellow

Caribou members Pam Pacht and Dennis Watson 

Proud fathers with their ties: Loren, Pat, Rudy, Jeff, & John.

Do you think these guys realize that their ties were bought at the 99 cent store?

Rafaela and Alesandrea fuss over Patrick 

Lily and Maggie 

Rudy Hernandez, Alexis and Ashley Culp, appreciate the day,

and remember Dad Tim Culp,

a buddy and Caribou legend.

Happy Fathers' Day, Tim

Pam points out yet another familiar face, (Penny?) on the Caribou Album Cover 

Rudy, Ashley, Alexis, and Norma 

Patti, (Atkinson), Matt, and Noah Healy 

Emily poses with her substitute dads on Fathers' Day 

Chef John (THANKS!!!) and sous chef, (out on bail), Gene 

Marcus tries to explain the Caribou Club to his cousin Chloe 

Da Group Shot!!!

Thanks to everyone for the great time!!!