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January 20, 2017
Buck Meadows finally concedes the
2016 Presidential Election

My Fellow Americans:

Because of concerns from my many supporters about my physical and mental well being, I would like to bring you up to date on this important day. Following the 2016 Presidential race and subsequent November Election Day, I spent the first 30 days unwinding in Las Vegas, followed by 30 days in Washington D.C., standing in lines looking for work with the new administration. After going through 22 ball point pens, filling out applications and security questionnaires, I landed on the short list to sing at the inauguration, but I had left my guitar in Vegas...long story, so you won't see me on TV today, unless it's a wide shot of Pennsylvania Avenue, where I'll be picking up trash. Community service.

Anyway, I want you,my supporters,to know that I have finally come to grips with my latest crushing defeat. You would think that after losing six Presidential Elections that I would have thick enough skin to get used to losing, (It's even worse than the feeling of losing all season betting on football games). But this loss still stings, enough to alert my donors, especially the ones with automatic monthly withdrawal, that I still have a few outstanding tabs in Las Vegas and D.C.

I have personally extended my congratulations and concession to the next President, Donald Trump. At a reception on election night, I reached out to him to tell him how great he looked and how miserable I was for losing again. Then his bodyguard reached out to me and wrestled me to the floor, President-Elect Trump leaned over and said to me, sotto voce, "Call me Don. But after January 20th, don't ever call me again." I bit my tongue, or maybe it was the head wound I suffered, but later, while under the sedative at the police hospital ward, I dreamed that I had responded, "Perhaps, Don, we'll meet again, on January 20, 2020, when you hand the presidency off to Buck Meadows."

I must admit, I really thought I had the magnetism and experience to handle the two major candidates to get it done in 2016. Unfortunately, I lacked a couple of key ingredients: money and votes. Yikes, what happened to my campaign? We had great buttons! We had the Caribou Club supporting us. Or could it have been the choice of my running mate, Coastal Eddy? Maybe I should have chosen a real person over a weather condition/advice columnist. Or that Buck Meadows is actually a town instead of a country music legend.

Sorry for rambling, but I only get to do this every four years. And now I must close so I can get to my trash pick up job at the inauguration while they're still awaiting my security clearance for a position in the new administration. Anyway, I'd like to thank the 12 people who voted for me, most ever, double digits. Whether you're riding the range, singing a tune, fishing, or completing your community service, think of me in 2020. This could possibly be my best chance, seriously. People ask me if I'll try again. I can only say,
"The Future Lies Ahead."
Gotta get to work.


Yes friends, after numerous requests, Buck Meadows, in 2016, has decided, against all advice, to throw his “hats” into the ring and again run for President of the United States!!! This will be Buck’s fifth try for the Presidency. “I’m trying to catch up to Harold Stassen,” says Mr. Meadows.

Buck’s slogan this year?

“The Future Lies Ahead!!!” …….. (Thank you Mort Sahl)


Here is some early reaction and some endorsements on Buck’s decision:

Vladamir Putin: “I feel more like I do now than I did when I first met him.”

Angela Merkel of Germany: “Buck es mutter tragt  ampfaufladungen.”

Pope Francis: “Hoc ei propinabo!”

Kim Jong Un of of North Korea: “No question about it, and I should know, worst possible choice to lead the US Imperialist Aggressors.

Shinzo Abe, President of Japan: “O bin’jo iki tai, Buck San.”

Kinky Freidman: “How hard can it be?”

Rafaela Batista of Brazil, “Vai Tudo Bem, Buck!”

Chilean Coal Miners: “Bravo Maestro Buck!”

Sergio Mattarella, President of Italy: “Dove’ luficcio postal, Senor Meadows.”

Kcub Swodaem, Kazikstan:  Узнайте, кто этот Buck Meadows и взломать его компьютер и отправить Трампа. У него есть решение выигрывать выборы.

Fidel Castro: “Buck is the only guy who can lead us into the 20th century, and I’ll be happy to provide him with the car.”

Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France: “C’est moi qui va faire le gateau!!!”

Carly Fiorina: “Does he have a running mate yet?”

Barak Obama: “I can’t believe I’m alive to witness this election.”

Mr. Meadows’ campaign manager, (and possible running mate), will be Hall of Fame fisherman and advice columnist, Coastal Eddy, (www.askcoastaleddy.com.).

So hoist your glass, kiss your Mother, and tell her to get ready for an exciting 2016 race for President.  Happy Mothers’ Day!

“The Future Lies Ahead!”

In previous Buck News:

mber 7, 2012, the day after the last Presidential Election

It is with a numbing sense of regret that I write you this morning with pen in one hand (figuratively) and bloody Mary in the other. Across the table from me sits a defeated but pleasantly inebriated Buck Meadows. Once again, the
"Buck Meadows for President"
campaign ran a gallant effort but came up short. Of the 400 people on this email list, on behalf of the staff, we'd like to personally thank the three of you who voted for Buck, but we don't know who you are.

Anyway, fear not. Our day will come, (Caribou Club Rule 1).
We'd also like you to be the first to know that Buck is throwing his three gallon hat in the ring and announcing his candidacy for
President in 2016!  
In fact, as I write this email, Buck has his feet on the table and is throwing playing cards into his hat. (He's actually pretty good at that!).
Go Buck in '16!
To make suggestions about what Buck should do to further his chances in 2016, click above in blue menu bar or here on
Let's Talk Caribou
to follow all the action in the next four years.

December 28, 2011

Below is a recent photo of Buck Meadows attending,

on behalf of the Caribou Club,

the funeral of the late North Korean Premier and repressive tyrant

Kim Jong Il.

"It was so cold," says Buck, "that people actually stopped complaining about the radioactive steam coming up from the manholes. I mean pickpockets were sticking their hands in my pocket just to keep them warm!

I thought Hell really was really freezing over!" 

Look soon for the 2011 Caribou Club Wrap-up,

by New Year's Eve! 

Photo Credit: Paul Atkinson, who was almost trampled after this photo, but still managed to score in North Korea.

Below:Buckingham Meadows attends Royal Wedding

Photo Above, Left to Right:

Eliza Lopes

Charles, (Prince of Wales, who kept asking me, “And you are?)

Camilla Parker Bowles, (Duchess of Cornwall, and third cousin of Caribou Club Member Bill Bowles).

Louise Windsor

Buckingham Meadows, (Royal Envoy to Libya)

Grace van Cutsem

The Bride

The Groom

Margarita Armstrong Jones

Tom Pettifer

William Lowther-Pinkerton


To see an audio and video of two of the Caribou songs, click here:

Caribou Theme Song


March 10, 2011

Below is a photo of the Space Shuttle Discovery shortly after touch down on its final voyage last Wednesday. After a 12 day, 202 orbit, 5 million mile journey, the crew poses below for this historic photo:

L to R: Nicole Stott, Michael Barratt, Charles "Buck" Meadows,

Mission Commander Steven Lindsey, Al Drew, and Eric Boe.

When begged for a comment, Meadows, sponsored by the Caribou Club, said, "This is not about self promotion. I'm here as part of a great team to do a job and make ridiculous amounts of money."

Asked where his next mission would be, he was heard to comment, "Probably Japan or Libya. I just go where my sponsors send me."

About the photo below:

Update: Last summer, the Caribou Club, in its effort to be give back to the world community, sponsored and funded, (at substantial expense),  Buck "Wildcat" Meadows, to help plug the oil spill in the Gulf, which he successfully did. (See the Gulf Oil Spill story and photo further below in this section). We were hoping that Meadows would soon find his way back to California after his victorious journey, but we didn't hear from him for months, not even after we sent him bus fare. Just when we thought Wildcat was lost somewhere in the Gulf Oil Spill, or in a parking lot in a Ramada Inn in Mobile, he turned up in South America, where he landed work in a mine and helped rescue the trapped Chilean miners.

The photo below, (notice the Caribou logos), includes the President of Chile and the rescue tube, originally designed by Meadows and fellow daredevil, Evel Knievel.

The Caribou Club is proud to have sponsored this international rescue. We will be attempting to bring Buck, and possibly some of his Chilean mineworker amigos, back to Southern California in time for the Caribou Campout in November.



Here's a shot of the Caribou Club's contribution to the stopping of the Gulf Oil spill. Charles "Wildcat" Meadows was funded by the Caribou Club, he hopped a plane to New Orleans, blew all his money on Bourbon Street, and then got hired by BP. "It was a tough job stopping that leak," says Meadows, a veteran of oil rig disasters. "It was colder and more desolate than my third wife Helen's heart." A party is planned for Meadows as soon as we can get the bus fare to get him home. Check this website for further developments.

 Below you see the 1949 movie poster of Buck Meadows, starring in “The Cariboo Trail”, co-starring M. Cash Brewski, and featuring D.W. Grande and Spud Atkins in supporting roles.  This long lost poster was recently found in a storage locker at old 20th Century Fox Studios in Hollywood. Originally cast as co-stars in the movie, Buck and M. Cash were bounced off the set for stealing Elia Kazan’s Cadillac and driving it off the pier at Ocean Park in Santa Monica. They were replaced in the movie by Randolph Scott and Gabby Hayes. Anyone with other information about Buck or the original cast, please contact this website.