Here are some shots from our April 2012 trip

Check back on this page for more old photos of Shipwrecks, Baja, Mexico

Pat & Terry enjoy one of their favorite spots in San Diego 

Terry's favorite bar, Colonet 

Alan & Jeff arrive! 

Terry, ever the (explosives) engineer, levels the project (ha ha)

By the way, those tapes behind them are from one tape measure.

Go figure.

Two founders of Ace Painters begin their vacation mural

New propane refrigerator holds the essentials 

Pangas & deteriorating Shipwreck, named Maria de Carmen

Don Patricio 

Camalu Swap Meet, having a quick taco on our way to play pool 

The crew stop for margaritas at Pirates Cove

Terry, Alan, Jeff, Pat L, Maggie, Pat M, Ahmad, & Gene

sans John, who's home barbecuing the tri tips 

Sunday April 15, 2012, the 100th anniversary of the

sinking of the Titanic,

Caribou Club members John & Jeff salute from their own Shipwreck,

the Maria de Carmen, in Punta San Jacinto, Baja de Mexico

Below, the crew celebrates at

Rick & Maria's B & B and breakfast venue fantastico!

Monday morning, Ace Painters' Vacation Project, taking shape 

Jeff & Terry stand under a bomb or something 


John adds finishing touches  

Proof that Terry is an "El hombre de pescado". He's also quite an

hombre de tequilla! 

Tengo hambre 

Maestro Jeff poses with his masterpiece.

Five minutes later a carload of tourists pulled up and ordered 6 beers! 

Jeff photographs the gang:

Terry, Patrick, Alan, Maggie, Pat, Ahmad, John, & Gene 

Above, why do Ahmad's photos on his phone turn out better than everyone else's with a camera? Shipwrecks, Baja 

This Cargo Ship crashed on the beach about 20 years ago; rumor has it that is was grounded for insurance purposes.The area itself is now a well known surfing spot.

October, 2011 trip

Above, Rudy recreates the Mexican moon landing,

which actually happened at Shipwrecks, shown in background.

Notice the space helmet, shovel, and jumper cables,

items essential to life in Mexico.

Above, Gene tries not to lose his hat

Rudy gives John & Jeff final instructions before they all jump into the pool at Cuatros Casas with their skateboards 

Dennis checks out the whale bones, Cuatros Casas, Baja 

Patrick takes another one on another average day at Shipwrecks, also called Punta San Jacinto 

Siesta time for Chef John, Cuatros Casas, five miles up the coast from the house

Mystery meat, Ensenada 

Patrick heads toward the Shipwreck 

Living room. Absent - Kelly Meyer

John, Patrick, Gene, Rudy, Dennis & Jeff at the entrance to Shipwrecks,

five miles down a dirt road 

Jeff tells Gene,

"Just because you're in Mexico doesn't mean you don't have to tune that thing." 

This Photo shows the corrosion that has devoured the ship over the last 20 years.

2010 trip

When Jeff stole this panga from the locals and put it between

Patrick's house and the beach, he had no idea, that as a prop

it would serve so artistically at sunset. Of course what does Jeff

know about art anyway?

The week between Christmas and New Years a few Caribou left for an

annual venture to Baja de California

Here's our favorite taco joint in Ensenada