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Welcome to the Caribou Club Website!

Named for the migrating caribou of the north, the Caribou Club and its members share many traits with their four legged brethren. We like to travel in a herd. As old age sets in, older caribou don’t last long and are soon trimmed from the pack by wolves (or by bad drivers).  But unlike the northern caribou (who don’t even surf or have cable TV), The Caribou Club has individual web pages where members can post stories & photos. We dedicate a web page to our lost members, (Legends).  We have resources for many senior related issues (Links). Also, we have better parties. (See Upcoming Events).We have Fun Stuff where we post Jokes, pictures,  etc.

We take pride in our History relating all the way back to the San Fernando Valley in the '50's, and even more fun, the 60's.  Best of all, we have logo hats and clothing (Links), and we’re continuing to add more stuff to this website.

Fact: Wolves exist because of slow Caribou.  

     So our motto is: I don't have to be fastest, just faster than you!

Guess what? If someone hands you a Caribou Club hat, you're old! And if you don't see much humor in all this, maybe you're getting way too old.  As our theme song says,   "Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think".  Click on to any link or name. If you don't see much, check back regularly. In addition to seeing a quote of the day, jokes, photos, (both nostalgic and funny) and upcoming events, you will have the opportunity to add items to your own webpage.  Never got around to writing that last will and testament?  Want to leave your surfboard to some upcoming new Caribou member?  Post it here. Want to have more control over your eulogy ?  Post it here (Saves us from writing it). Long may you run. 

With your help, this website will change constantly. 

Launched September 26, 2008.

Below is a listing for some Caribou Club Member Webpages. A date after a name shows the last time page was updated.

RIP means just what you think it means. If you want to submit anything or start a page, please contact  

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Jeff Meyer Page

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Caribou Campout 2013 Photos

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Last Published: March 30, 2016

Updates from time to time

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