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The 2013 Caribou Club Campout, held August 30-31, was a great one, with about 100 people there by Saturday afternoon. As a sign of the Caribou times: it use to be that we'd have 40 campers and 20 day visitors; now we have 20 campers and 80 day visitors! But most important, we all got together for a happy occasion, had some laughs, and caught up. Thanks to everyone who attended, to Chef John who kept the kitchen hopping, and to the photo contributors to this page: Paul Atkinson, Trish McMenamin, Tom Campbell, Dennis Watson, Debbie Young, and Roger Dorney. If you have any shots you want to send in, please send them to Gene's email. This page stays up. We had such a good turnout that our crack photographers missed getting photos of some of you. Sorry. Also, we tried to add names where necessary under photos to avoid confusion, which often occurs at our age. So please forgive the attempt at humor...

The arrival.
"This looks just like Mexico but without passports!"
Luckily we have
Dave and Debbie (McAndrews) Rees and their RV to make us look legit.

The setup carnies: Terry, Pat, Gene, John

"Seriously, do we need passports?"

Below: Jeff refuses Debbie's offer to trade his
Mizer tent trailer for her RV parked next door.

 Just like the old days in Van Nuys

Jeff Meyer and Paul Campbell

Below, the crew celebrates the the erection of the last popup,
and if you don't know what that means,
you're not a carnie!

Leticia & Debbie

John Mclaughlin on the last afternoon of his career
August 31,2013

Sundog over Friday

Saturday morning, above, chief photographer Paul sets up.
Nice campsite for a guy who has a hotel room.

To see Paul's Sergeant Murphy's Caribou Group photo click below

Sgt Murphy Photo

Bill McMenamin and Paul Ebert
"Tell me we're not in Baja."

Ted, Clarice, & Denise

John McLaughlin and Dave Rees

Carol and Joe Prata
Joe just turned 85 and surfed on his birthday.
What a Caribou role mode
Click below for the Daily News story about Joe.

Below, everyone looks for shade, except the young ones

Longboarders Maggie, Gene, and Steve "Dut" Thompson
discuss the surf conditions

More shade seekers await Gene and John's lunch of authentic Cupids Hot Dogs

Below: Terry, Roger, and Paul describe their hot cars from the San Fernando Valley to Jeanne,
who rode in all of them.

Below, a rare moment when people clap to Gene's music.
Nice hot dog hat.

Below, Pat describes to Ted & Denise how long it takes to clean his van
after one of our trips to Mexico.

Compadres: Patrick Meyer, Norma and Rudy Hernandez

Kathy & Roger Dorney

Friends from St Elisabeth Elementary School
Jim Bruno and Cheryl Hardy Phillips

Paul listens while Jeanne tells him about the hot car she drove in the '60's

Norma, Jeff, Rudy

Virg Evans & Chuck Collazzi, Valley Boys and musical backbone of
The Church Hill Singers, as well as the Buck Meadows Band

Two fisted drinker Charlene and her mom, Sherry Collazzi

John checks out his retirement gift, a new Caribou Club bowling shirt

Roger with Karen & Greg Brewster

Debbie & Penny try to sort out modern technology

The DeLongs: Papa Joel, Elice, Mom Lisa, Tiler and Cole

Penny Meyer shows some skin to liven things up

Patty McNamara and Cathy Hiveley Campbell

Maggie Klaus, Greg Brewster, and Paul Atkinson

Bill Kelly, who traveled 350 miles from San Jose,
Dennis Watson, who traveled 3.5 miles from Ventura,
and Jeff from Van Nuys

Bay Street Surf Club and guests
Back: Jeff, Carol, Bill, Patrick, Gene

Front: Paul, Maggie, Joe, John, Chuck

Artist Doug Mangum and Lisa Rizzo, who does all our Caribou embroidery and printing, enjoy the wine in beautiful glasses stolen from the
Napa Valley Music Festival.

Clarice & Paul

Bill getting ready to steal Pam's watch

Joanna Collazzi, dad Chuck, Penny Spain and Virg Evans

Gene: "Great Campsite, eh"?
Jeff: "Yeah, if you like 18 wheelers."

The crowd stays in the shade, thanks to Debbie & Dave's RV.

The Collazzi's:
 Joanna, Chuck, Charlene and Sherry

Tom Campbell between photo shots

Penny, Greg, Karen, Jeff

San Fernando Valley veterans
Patty McNamara, Abby Flynn, Jeanne Greco, Dennis Watson, Cathy Campbell

Jeff, Gene, Veda, Dan, Clarice, John

Bill and Jeff with Leticia, Luciano, and friends from the Valley

Trish, Penny and Debbie up to something


Chris Evans and his girlfriend visit with his old surf instructor
Bill McMenamin and Dad Virg

Clarice gets the evening meal started

Debbie and Paul, together again.
"Wait, we were never together."

Paul and Bill


Another great sunset

Chuck and Virg

Dayna and Andy enjoy the warm evening
Nice hat

 Chef John's Tri tip, baked potatoes, tri tip, corn, tri tip, potato salad, tri tip, green salad, and tri tip you name it

After dinner, everyone gathers around the campfire for the awarding of the Caribou Club Lifetime Achievement award, no speech required.

"If no speeches are required , what's this guy doing up there?"

And the easy winner is, on his first full day of retirement,
John McLaughlin!

The crowd cheers as Terry prepares to trip John and take the award
Congratulations, John!

Gene gets an original Richfield Gas Station shirt from Tom Campbell.
We figured there were at least a half a dozen former employees of Walz Richfield
(on the corner of Burbank and Van Nuys Blvd)
in attendance at the campout.

On her way to Waikiki!
Trish McMenamin wins the raffle, a black wine traveler bag with Caribou Club logo donated by Lisa from Custom Embroidery Ventura. She's also holding a Caribou eco-friendly shopping bag. By the way, the logo on all our Caribou gear was designed by Dennis Watson, with some surfboard help from Jason Furlano, and produced by Lisa.

Jeff plays along on bicycle horn to that old campfire favorite,
"You Keep Swervin' in My Lane."

Dan, Doug and Lisa listen as Chuck wonders,
"How can a guy know so many words and so few chords?"

Penny and John

The Baja Wolfpack
Ryan Faught, Patrick Meyer and Mike Young

Sunday Morning, the day after
Bill Kelly wakes up and asks,
"Did anybody have the same dream I had,
about an 18 wheeler flying into the top of your tent?"

The crew surveys the damage

Breakfast, maybe, or should we just go with Spanish omlettes?

At least the trophy survived,
(unlike Jeff's campfire popcorn popper)

I feel more like I do now than I did when I first got here

Some of The Sunday close out crew:

John, Lisa, Joel, Dave, Debbie, Trish and Bill

The kids still waking up below are Cole, Elice and Tiler

Thanks, everybody, for participating. Stay in touch. Long may we run.