Below is a photo collage of the Thanksgiving '09 trip to Baja. Marshall Thompson, (Top left holding the donut and Tecate), Jeff, John, Patrick, Alesandrea, Rafaela. Scroll down for more photos of the trip.

Summer Party

Paul Atkinson and Clarice Nevarez's Marina Del Rey Home -

June 27, 2009

More Photo Gallery photos below


L to R: Virg Evans, Bill Kelly, Tom Campbell, Michael Kelly, Dick Perry, Ed Flynn, Gene Meyer 
The above picture was taken after the funeral for Bill Kelly's Mom (Dick Perry's sister) inThousand Oaks, 
April, 2009.
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 Caribou Field Trip to Marshall Brewster's - Click on  Marshall Brewster 

 These are pictures from last years Beach Party

Chris Hardy 

Wild Bill McMenamin, Baja