Happy 100th Birthday to Anne Kaine Meyer,
October 28
1912 - 2012

Anne's been gone for 25 years,
but we'll always remember her.
There are photos still coming in, so this webpage will continue to expand.

Thanks to Nan McCluskey and Paul Atkinson for their help.
Posted by Gene Meyer

    Above:  McCaffrey - Kaine Family Tree from the '50's.
Anne was seventh out of nine Kaine children

This photo, taken in 1905 in Elizabeth, NJ, shows Anne's grandmother Catherine Dougherty McCaffrey, in the center, with five of her six daughters. The only daughter missing was Mary, (Anne's mother Mame), because, according to Dolly, Mame was pregnant (with Martin), and couldn't have her photo taken. The other young women in the picture are Celia (Brennan), Katie (Wilson), Grace (Lynch),  Honora (McCaffrey), and Lillian (Moore).

Anne's Mother & Father, below

Below: Marie Esther ("Dolly") and Anna Grace Kaine

Below: So what's her first Name???

Above: Anna Grace (Anne), Elizabeth (Betty),

and  Marie Esther (nickmamed Dolly because she was born on Christmas Day!)

Above: The Kaine family portrait:

Back row: Catherine, Martin, Margaret

Middle row: Francis (Kainey), Mary, (Mother), Robert, Elizabeth,  (Betty),

Patrick, (Father), Anthony (Stretch)

Front row: Anne, Marie (Dolly)


Below: Anne & Dolly, First Communion

Anna Kaine, above the three boys on the right,
3rd grade, 1920, New Jersey

Below, the Plainfield, New Jersey
St Mary's Columbus Cadet Corps,
which I just had to include

Anne in Washington DC, 1935

Below, with Uncle Anthony, (Stretch)
Anne Kaine, (4th from right), Maid of Honor at her sister Dolly's wedding. At right, Anne & and Dolly's parents,
Mary & Patrick Kaine


Maid of Honor & Bride


 Does this guy look like

John (and Patrick) Meyer???

Above: In white fur in the '20's! 
90 Maple Av, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Anne's favorite songs throughout her life:
"I'll Get By" 1924
"Watch the Rest of the World Go By" 1920


Above: Gene 6 months. By the time he was 28 months,
he was living in a trailer in California


John, Anne, Gene, Jeff, (with stick)


Jack & Anne, looking Dust Bowl (Nice belt!)

Above: Gene, Anne, Jeff, 1956
Victory Bl and Tyrone

Top: Passport Photo. Nice top.

Left: from a newspaper photo, Los Angeles

Grandmother Iyah, (John Meyer's mother, with sunglasses),
protects Gene, while John, next to Anne, (middle), holds Jeff.
Jack, in cowboy hat on right, checks for trouble.

One of Anne's favorite photos, on Victory Blvd. and Tyrone St. in Van Nuys, 1951. She had a job answering fan mail for movie stars. I tried to get out of the way of the photo, but everybody she sent this picture to in New Jersey saw me.

Ah, yes, she came here to work. She's in the back, somewhere.

Front page, (above fold!)

Be honest: who's wearing the best looking suit?

Above: at work. Can you believe it's only 8:03?

Below: more work, but then Champaign.
What a State!

John & Anne 

Jeff, Jack, and Gene with John & Anne, the '60's


Above: All the places Anne lived,  

Above: Anne tries to get into the '70's.
 Nice Bell Bottoms

With Patrick,
her oldest (kook) grandson

Yes, we smoked!
Above & below: With Jack, Waikiki in the '60's

With Jack and Jimmy, Christmas, 1944
Best Sisters!  Anne & Dolly

Above: Jack and Anne in Ireland
Right: Jack's
8th grade graduation

Above: Jeff, Jack, Anne, Penny, Van Nuys

Left: Anne sitting next to her 1929 Steinway Grand
Duo Art Player Piano

Back: Patrick, John, Gene, Kelly, Penny Front: Jeff, Anne, Jack

Caption on back of photo:
"Gene looks like Rasputin or Jesus, just in from 27 days
sailing from Hawaii to LA."

Anne & John, in front row, watch as Jack and Stephanie begin to celebrate their marriage. Others in the photo include Patsy Ebert, (in sunglasses,one of Anne's best friends), Erik Ebert, (nice hair), Patsy's mother, Selma Plummer, (clapping), seated next to Steve Thompson, the bride's brother.


John and Gene entertain Anne and her two grandsons (from Jack and Stephanie), John Jeffrey (JJ, born on Uncle Jeff's birthday), and Robert Kaine Meyer (Bob)

Below, a room full of Meyer's!

Gene, proud father Bob, (Jack's oldest son), Jeff, and Jack, (proud grandfather) pose with Anne Meyer's first great grandson,

John Robert Meyer, age six weeks

(Jack and Steph's first grandson). Photo taken in Portland, Oregon April, 2012

Kelly grabs onto her grandmother

Right: Jan McLaughlin and Cathy (Hively) Campbell celebrate with Anne at the Runnymede House

Above: Paul Ebert, (right) fends off
Mrs. Preimsburger's fluffy blouse at John Meyer's 70th birthday party November 15, 1979

Anne was mugged at the corner drug store
while wearing this fur coat.The brothers rallied.

The Ram helmet was Gene's suggestion.
What a sport she was!

Above: Gene, Anne, John, & Jeff celebrate before an annual reunion softball game,
The North South

Above: Our dog Jimmy tries to convince Mr & Mrs Harwood  to feed him
Veda, (Gene's wife), Anne,
and Banjo Bob Meyer

Rita Atkinson and Anne Meyer lead cheers at the annual North South Softball Game

Above and below
At the 1984 LA Olympics

Ted Perry, Michael Atkinson, John Petrella, Michael and Debbie Young, Maureen McDuffee, Gene, Anne, and Paul Atkinson take in

Olympic Baseball at Dodger Stadium, 1984.

Rob Meyer & Anne tip one while John lifeguards outside
Sherman Oaks  1986

Last Greetings from Southern California!

Happy 100th!