Sargent Murphy's Poster

$ 25.00 USD

The Sargent Murphy Album cover as seen here with its Aurthor can be yours for $25.00. Paul has spent countless hours in developing this treasure, not to mention the antiquitous value of the rendering, and it will surely gain in value exponentially through the years.

Cover comes in 3 sizes 8X8, 10X10 and album cover size of 12X12. We suggest after purchasing that you laminate to protect each individual Caribou.

Price includes mailing tube and shipping.


Summer 2012 Campout

$ 20.00 USD

This year's Campout will be our biggest ever and our incurred cost will certaintly be greater. We're asking for $20.00 per adult, and children under 12 are free (those below 12 are called Grand caribou).

Details of this year's campout will follow