Big Jim, doing what he liked best, in total control of the sea. 

April 6, 1917 - May 9, 2010

James Coultas, motion picture studio and boating legend, father of Mike, Maureen, Tom, Terry, John and J P, and uncle of Fred, passed away peacefully in Oregon at the age of 93, where he had been living with son Tom and his family.


Terry Coultas

J.P. Coultas:

John Coultas:

Members of the Coultas clan boating out to Arch Rock on Anacapa Island last Sunday, (Fathers' Day), to scatter Jim's ashes.

Below are two of Jim Coultas' grandkids, Tim and Christine, and son JP.   

 Below, Terry steering Perfect toward Arch Rock, Anacapa Island. 

Tim Coultas reads a poem at Arch Rock in memory of his grandfather 

JP, his daughter Christine, and Terry giving a shout to Big Jim 

Caribou Club Crewmember Dennis Watson helps guide Terry away from the rocks


Terry and crewmember/ukulalien Gene Meyer lead everyone in 

"Happy Trails To You," in memory of Terry's father, James Coultas

Terry, John, and JP,

Sorry to hear the news of your Dad's passing. He had a huge influence on me. I love the ocean and boating largely because of him. Who knows, if he hadn't taught me to sail as a kid, I might have destroyed 30 or 40 boats instead of the five I actually did. I also enjoyed going to the studios to see him at work, (I always managed to get in the way), as well as in the last few years when he lived with JP and Ginny and came down to our Ventura Campout and to Terry's boat.
Your Dad had a great attitude that reflected his and my parents' generation. I never did get comfortable calling him Jim, just like I could never call your Mom Pat. So here's to Mr. Coultas.  Good guy, good sailor, good life..
Our best to all your family.

Gene & Veda Meyer

92 is a hell of a run! I thought when we were all hanging out on Sherman Way that he wasn't going to make it through Terry's teenage years. We definately put him to the test as a Father (+ all the deranged, misguided friends that were attatched to his children). What a strange group of individuals, with way-too-much creative energy for the wrong things. Great fun, but at times crazy as hell. Like go to jail crazy!! I'm glad we all lived through that period, without too much damage.
As you know, losing your Dad is not easy,no matter when it happens. Be good and stay well.
Ed  Flynn

Terry, John, J P, and all ,

      The Coultas family was the history of Van Nuys (like the Brennans, the Walls, the Flynns, the Atkinsons). John was the Coultas my age. He was always little shakey and I asked him why and he said he had bit the head of a 22 bullet off and it went off in his hands.
      There was a Coultas in everyone class. John's older brother had a helicopter in the back yard (He had traded his Harley for it. He got a good deal  on the helicopter because the guy he bought it from ran out of gas at 50 feet in the air).
Yes this was the Coultas family.
      Your dad was the calmest Coultas I met, nothing seemed to upset him. I told him I was buying a boat and he gave me a lot of good ideas. He had a boat that he was building, about a 20 footer in the driveway of your grandmother's. I am sure he enjoyed the time away from you all.
      Your Dad taught you how to sail and when I bought my first sailboat, I thought, who better, if I couldn't have the Captain I could have the first mate (Terry) teach me. So, with a case of beer and some sandwiches we took of from San Pedro Harbor. "That Main Sheet thing, you just tie a big knot in it. We'll learn how to use it later." That is when I learned that your Dad's boat had a keel and my boat had a centerboard. I went into the water that day and I learned that you have to know where the life preservers are.
I see your Dad's temperament and kindness in all of you.

Jeff Meyer

Terry, I'm glad I was able too see your DAD a couple of years ago, my prayers are with him and your family. would you give my best too them all? Ill talk to you later. Yea I will! MY best....................Tim.

Terry, just one more thing your dad was born on April 6th 1917. He left us with I'm sure with a smile,

thinking those dummies can't even add, I thought the nuns taught them better! that was on

may 9th 2010. HE WAS 93 YOU MORON!  

Tim Donnelly