Below are photos of John's House Warming,

taken by Paul A. which is why he's not in them.

John said he had to invite people over to prove that he doesn't live in his truck. But his brother-in-law Barry told us that they had just retreived the furniture from John's storage unit for the party !

Veda, Penny, Maggie, and Trish enjoy the party.  

John & Bill discuss interior design and where John's new surfboard should go 

The Zombie purge of the dwelling begins with Rudy as

Bill and Barry check it all out

Nice bra, Rudolfo!

The full crew dances the evil spirits away 

Full tilt with Norma on the bongos 

As soon as these people leave,

this house will be absent of all zombies and bad musicians.

Jeff, Gene, Norma, Rudy, Maggie 

John inspects his new "Shipwrecks Special" longboard while Patrick looks on at Val Surf in the San Fernando Valley.

Altogether, they ordered 4 "Specials."

So here hangs John's "Shipwrecks Special"

Happy Housewarming!

John's Caribou far. See below

Here I am celebrationg another Sunday morning at the beach 

My real job: Ace Painters

The School Principal gig is just a hobby!

 4th of July in my ride

Celebrating my 60th birthday with a couple of Party Animals


Dodger Stadium with Ron Metz


Jeff Meyer, Ron Renaud, me, and Ron Metz at Opening Day