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Hope all is well with everyone in Ventura.  It seems like it is the spot to hunker down to enjoy the good ole times revisited. From the looks of your easy go lifestyle, you are definitely living in the NOW, and have plenty of RR time with old friends.  As you know, when you live on an island, it's just a little different.  So, just to let you know, Kane and I are planning our summer travels, and I would love to come see the West Coast Paradise, and of course, visit friends who I have not seen in many years.  Will you be around (don't laugh now) on the 26th & 27th of June?  We plan to partake in a little road trip from So Cal to Nor Cal and would love to stop in.  We don't need a place to stay, but would love to PARTAY with the masses.  We are just in the planning stages, so please let us know, if you will be around then.
Love and kisses,
A Caribou Reader Reg

Below: Here's Kane with his posse (grandkids) living the tough life in Maui

Kane and Keith on the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Canada