Here's a Caribou shout out and big Aloha to Kane and Pam Healy,
who are celebrating their
50th Wedding Anniversary.

Below are two photos:
The first is of their wedding day, December 21, 1968,
at Our Lady of Malibu Church.
Kane was fresh out of the military, as were many of his Caribou friends in attendance, but as you can see from the photo, they let Army guys grow their hair longer in Vietnam.

The second photo was taken yesterday on their 50th
at Pukalani Golf Course on the island of Maui,
where they have lived for many years. 
Congratulations Pam and Kane!
You're still the same cool couple from 50 years ago..
Long May You Run.

Below: Here's a photo of Kane and his grandkids in Maui
from 2007 when The Caribou Club
first launched this website.
We figure these guys are probably all
beating Kane at golf by now!

Kane and Keith on the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, Canada