Sent: Thursday, July 9, 2009 7:22:53 AM

My dear friends,                              

Our dear little sister has gone home to the Lord.  She was full of the love of life and will be terribly missed.  
Thank you so much in advance for your prayers and thoughts.

Love to all,  Kathy

Cardinal Roger Mahoney is Victor Mahoney's uncle and on Friday, July 3, 2009, he came to Newport to say a mass for Elizabeth and the family.  There were 80 family members present.  Liz was unable to attend the mass which was held on the beach in front of the house, but later she surprised everyone - she was awake enough to actually sit up on the couch in her bedroom.   So after the completion of the mass the Cardinal administered the sacrament of the anointing of the sick to Liz  surrounded by her husband, children and extended family.  Del Boulger, now 93 years old along with Phyllis, 85, made it up the stairs to be with their youngest child during this special moment.  

 Update - July 7, 2009

Elizabeth and her husband Victor had made plans last winter to rent a beach house on the ocean in Newport for the month of July. They chose a house big enough to house all their extended family members which as you well know is quite a few people.  A few weeks ago Liz was told that none of her treatments were working and it was best to stop all chemo at this time.   The decision was made by the family to still go to that beach house and that's where they are today.   Her condition has rapidly deteriorated and Hospice is now making sure she will remain as comfortable and pain-free as possible.  

We continue to send  thoughts and prayers from our caribou family  to the entire Boulger family.