Sorry to announce the passing of our childhood friend and piano/organist extraordinaire Pat Coghlan

Here's the notice in the LA Times Sunday July 22, 2012

Pat and I played a gig at a Straw Hat Pizza joint in Newhall or Saugus in the 60's - it lasted for a few weeks. We were the Lewis and Clark of the musical world, with the trek that was required to get out there in those days. The place was not doing any business, so we were let go. Whether there was a causal relationship between the downturn of the place and us will remain forever lost. Needless to say we had more than a few beers and a LOT of laughs. That was Pat; a fine musician and a wonderfully weird sense of humor. I am sorry we did not meet more as the years passed.


I remember Ron Mc Knight and I were with Pat up in the choir loft at lunch time at St Elisabeth.  Pat was playing "Happy Organ." We were in the groove till we saw Father 'O'Dwyer stormin' down the aisle. Of course, McKnight and I barreled down the stairwell and out. I was able to share a few drinks with Pat, loved ya buddy.
Tim Donnelly

So sorry to hear of this. Any time I think of Pat my mind immediately goes to those days when he would come over to our house after school and play on my Mom' s piano for hours on end. His talents went far beyond music. Pat enjoyed electronics and he and I made a transistor radio together. As Gene said below, I too wish we could have seen him at one of our Caribou Club outings.

Terry Coultas

Sorry to hear the news of Pat's passing. I grew up in Van Nuys with Pat, went to St. Elisabeth and Notre Dame, and found him to be among the nicest and most talented people I ever met. I spent many hours in the choir loft listening to Pat practice, and I also heard him do "Happy Organ." (You should have seen the little old ladies in St Elisabeth reel their heads around when he played it). I also remember Pat's Dad, a fierce looking white haired Irishman who had grown up in the same town in Ireland as Father O'Dwyer, St Elisabeth's pastor.   The Meyer family of Van Nuys sends their deepest condolences.
Gene Meyer
July 23, 2012

July 22, 2012
Terrible news. Pat was a great guy, a man of many talents. Although we hadn't seen one another for a while, our friendship goes back 52 years (high school). It was great knowing you, Pat!


Pat played at my wedding! There were gentle sounds, wedding march stuff and then hints of Hendricks or the Stones. It was Pat being respectfully abusive, which as an Artist I understand. Tom McGirl was my best man, so by "the day" the three of us were looking and feeling our best. I heard of Pat's many accomplishments over the years, but wasn't surprised, as he was a very talented musical mind. That great laugh and sense of humor! I regret not spending more time with him.

Ed Flynn

I remember the time he put tacks on the pads of Mom's piano, it gave it a tin-pan-alley sound. Mom put up with it for about a week, then made him take the tacks off.

Yeah, he was a nice guy.


     John Coultas