Letter from Rob updating us on his recent activities

Thought I would take a minute and bring everyone up to speed on what we have been doing for the past 15 years.


Rhonda and I left California in 1994 and moved to Texas . I was hired by Centex Homes in Texas and they told me I would be a millionaire. Those bastards lied to me but I did stay with them for 51/2 years. One of my vendors that called on me at Centex asked me if I wanted to sell Ceramic Tile for one of  the major manufacturers? Knew I wanted to stay in sales so I accepted the position as Territory Manager Dealer Division. Little did I know I would be covering  approximately 1/5 of the state of Texas . It has been almost 9 years and I am still with Interceramic Tlie and Stone Gallery. Spend about week once a month out of town selling tile in west texas. The way things are right now I’m happy to be working.


Rhonda stayed at home for about  2 weeks when she arrived and went stir crazy so she went out one day walked into Target and they hired her on the spot and she has been there ever since we arrived. She counts all their cash daily and works about 4-5 hours a day just enough to keep her benfits and insurance.


We live in Plano , Texas which is about 15-18 miles from Dallas . We were lucky when we were looking because we needed a Mother In Laws quarters and the house that we found had just that and yes we put a Mother –in-Law  no it was not Phyllis , it was Rhonda’s Mom who has lived with us for the past 8 or9 years. I am sorry to say that on October 28th Rhonda’s Mom passed away in her sleep, she was such a wonderful women and believe it or not I actually enjoyed having her with us all that time.


The last couple of years have been a real test for us , when we lost our son Scott in January of 2007 it was without a doubt one of the most devasting things his mother and I have ever gone through. I still find it hard to believe that as Dave Matthews says” We are not suppose to bury our babies.”  We are just thankful that we have each other  and can remember all the wonderful times we had with Scott . Scott had 4 children 3 girls and 1 boy, so we have grandchildren in California . We do talk to them every weekend and stay in touch with them that way. Scott’s oldest girl will be graduating from Quartz Hill HS in May, so I think we will either fly or drive out in May so we can see her graduate. My daughter Erin also lives in Texas in town south of us called Cedar Hill.

She is actually delivering her 2nd child this Sunday, they do know they are having a little boy so you can just imagine how excited I am…..


When Kathy told about the Club I couldn’t believe some of the faces I saw when I went to the website. The people are most of the people that I remember from St. Elizabeth’s and all of the 8th graders that I looked up to. I know we have all gotten a little bit older but everybody I saw looked great. We will look forward to getting together with all of you hopefully soon.


Thank you all again for giving us the opportunity to share some things with we have been doing for the last couple of years..



Rob & Rhonda Boulger

2309 Williams Way

Plano, Texas 75075-3128


(972) 599-2577—home

(214) 912-7097- Rob’s cell