Adding e-mail addresses to the bulk e-mail button

 When typing this list it must be a string as shown with a semi colin between each name no spaces. Remember everytime you add a name you must copy and paste the list into the e-mail link on the home page, after high liting and copying this list go to the home page,high lite "e-mail all caribou" click on the chain link, paste this list into the e-mail row.  Now kick back and have a beer.

Upon someone passing , creating legend page and notification

Ok someone dies like Randi:

            1st: you go to the site to the legends section

            2nd: Up load a picture of the person, example Gene

            3rd: Right below the picture ( Gene’s picture) put memories of Gene add dates etc.

            4th: Create a new page called memories of Gene

            5Th: go back to the legends page a make a Hyperlink to the memory of Gene Page

            6th: Now you can put all the e-mails, notices,pictures etc. on that page

            7TH On the front page, home page you can put, like we did for Randi, a Hyperlink that takes you to the legend page. Randi Renaud