My most recent update -  May 20, 2013. (I can't beleive I'm still here)

I've always considered myself to be very lucky, first; of all the places in the world I could have been born I was born in Van Nuys. Not Ethiopia, not Holland, not North Dakota and but for the grace of God not San Francisco, but here in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. In December of 1943 I was born on Erwin street in Van Nuys the fourth child of Jim and Pat Coultas I had 4 brothers - Mike, Tom, John and JP and 1 sister, Maureen.  I attended grammar school at Saint Francis De Sales in Sherman Oaks and while in the third grade my parents decided we would be better off raised in Silverton, Oregon. What a mistake that was. We lived there about three years when they realized that was indeed a mistake and moved back to Van Nuys on Hamlin street behind Van Nuys High. I attended St. Elizebeth from the 5th grade on to the eigth grade where I met the best friends of my life. In 1958 I graduated, the first and only graduation of my educational career. I spent my first year of high school at Alamany in the San Fernando; I don't remember whether they didn't like me or visa versa,  but I left there and went on to Van Nuys High, where I found out that it was probably me that created my rather short educational career . One day Tim Donnelly (one of my eductional mentors) and I were at the Friar st. Bowling Alley and as we were leaving I noticed the Marine Corp recruiting office across the street.  So I said to myself, "what a great idea.  I can learn all I'll ever need to know there and have alot of fun doing it,You think the move to Oregon was stupid. So I served four years from 1960 to 1964 learning nothing and going no where.  Most of my friends who went on to graduate High School ended up being drafted and in some cases shipped off to Vietnam. Maybe I wasn't so stupid after all. After my discharge from the Marines in 1964 I took on a couple of different jobs in an attempt to find my nitch in the market.  After finally settling down in about 1968, I decided that the Aerospace/ Defense Industry was a good fit and I started working for an Explosive Ordnance company in Newhall Ca.  In 1970 I married my first wife Donna and the mother of my children -Shannon and Regan-who granted me four grand children, Grant and Kattie Garifo and Rian and Kaiya Coultas. We devorced in the 80"s,I later ran into and married my second wife Sharon who I later divorced in 2011.

Now for the good part, the really, really good part of my life. In January of 2014, I met, all joking aside the Love of my life. Shirley she's everything a man could ask for; period, without a doubt they don't come any better. Those years were the best spent days of my life. I'm hoping I'm still here beyond this date today 11/26/16


 Because I'm working on this here and there and adding stuff as I go along I add notes so if I die in the middle of this someone will have to put this together, sorry Gene, I tried to get it done.

 These are notes;

 todays date 3/21/17

 Recently found out I have  Esophageal cancer 

Things to remember:

Living will statement:(LWS) I found out recently that my father at 93 years of age had signed a  LWS asking to recesitate. This is the opposite to his previous statement stating "Do Not Resisitate". My point here is to write a letter ASAP, that says once and for all, this is my final wish and it will never, never change.   It states if under any situation I get sick where I need medical attention beyond a band aid,"Please Leave Me the Fuck Alone" Thats form number PLMFA

We were all like brothers and sisters and still remain close at our latter years as Caribou's.

Please don't do a bunch of crying today; I doubt I'll be missing you and as life goes on you'll forget me in no time, but always remember I love you all regardless of how I treated you. In the billion or so years before I got here I didn't miss a thing, or at least I didn't know I missed anything, so I certainly won't miss it when I'm gone.

When I die please don't bury me in the cold, cold ground; just throw my poor dilapidated body off the stern of my boat. But really I want to be cremated and the ashes thrown near the Anacapa Arch, that's in the water not on all that Seagull shit on the rocks.

If someone decides that I should be memorialized that's fine but please don't do it in a church; one of my favorite Dive Bars will be fine.