This song was composed and recorded by loyal Caribou Club member
Dave Leahy and his band.
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The Caribou Song

Here are the words

Well we’re not too shy and we’re not too mean

You can find us in a pack runnin’ strong and lean

Just a few old bucks, growin’ old it’s true

But we’re still ridin strong, we’re the Caribou

Remember the days we were livin’ large

We’d run all night underneath the stars

Life’s a game of chanc, we’re only here for a while

But there are trails to roam for many more miles



Caribou, where are you goin’ to

Caribou, …….I think they’re comin’ after you


Wolves in the kitchen Wolves at the door

They getting closer than they was before

I can hear the poundin’ the dust runs high

There’s a howlin in the dark  and lonely night       (to Chorus)

Facin the horizon makin’ our last stand

Crossing the tundra into no man’s land

Don’t look back      least not for long

Something is a gainin’    I gotta stay strong

I don’t have to be the fastest you know it’s true

I just need to run faster than you     (to Chorus)