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John Timothy McArdle was born in Los Angeles on July 22, 1944. Tim attended St Elisabeth School in Van Nuys, Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, Santa Clara University, and Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.

 He spent most of his career in management for the State of California Employment Development Department, where he eventually became an administrative law judge, presiding over hundreds of cases each month.

Below are memories of Tim's rich and wonderful life.

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Mary McArdle and her first child

Tim's Dad, John, checks Tim's ability to fly. Turns out he can't

Tim's first car, Griffith Park

Below: Tim dresses up for Nancy's 1st Communion 1956
Obviously not a school photo.
The nuns would have made him button up that shirt!

Mark, Nancy, Tim
Cohasset Street, 1953
Is that a Roy Rogers sweatshirt?
Happy Trails

University of Santa Clara. The guy from LA

The Rodents, University of Sant Clara
Dennis, Tim and Paul figuring out where to get another Coors.
Can you tell it's the 70's?

Below: Paul and Michael Atkinson explain to Tim
how to become a record producer.

The infamous yacht Rocking Horse, Lake Erie
She was a double ender, which means
Tim couldn't always figure out whether he was going forward or backward!
A Man and His Boat

Under sail. Marina del Rey

Below: One last Rocking Horse Shot
1976, Tim's Buddies, Bill Bowles and Mike McConnehey, supervise
as shipwright David "Deep Pockets" Baxter paints the topside Aztec Red, (which made The Rocking Horse easier to spot under water).
That bare hull below was painted blue.
Last known location: Vallejo Marina, above water.

Michael Atkinson tells a story as Joe Payette and son Patrick and John Petrella listen, while Jeff and Jack Meyer surround Tim.
Tim and CB with her parents, Doug and Clair's grandparents

Claire hanging out with her Dad and Grandfather, Hamlin St, Van Nuys

The old home place: Steve, Tim, Nancy, Mark, and Doug

CB, Tim, Mark, Cecilia, Dennis, Steve, Tommy, Nancy, Patty.

Big Sur Marathon, 1998

Below: Tim and Nancy get ready to dine on Dorado in Baja
Dodger game, 1998

Tim, Doug, Steve, and Mark try to talk Nancy into a cigar

Caribou favorite shot, 3rd place
If it's raining we must be in Ireland:
Doug, Steve, Tim and Mark get ready for a Guiness.
Doug, Claire, Tim, Pat, Kristi, Michelle

Kevin, Steve, Tim, Nancy, Claire, Doug, Ruth

Steve, Doug, Mark, Tim, Nancy, Claire, Maureen, Megan

The new house, Nevada City, California

The Wedding Party: Steve, Maureen, Cecilia, Claire, Nancy, Nicole, Doug, Pat, Tim, Julie, Mark, Megan

Tim and Claire. Caribou favorite shot, 2nd place

Could this be the old Sod?
Looks like it.
Looks like Tim's come a long way since that Roy Rogers T shirt

Pat and Tim introduce the newest Angel Doug.
No autograph requests yet.

Tim, Maureen, and Doug.
Wonder what they're eating

Nancy, Maureen, Steve, Megan, Mark,
Hannah, Tim, Doug, Kori, Johnny, Jacob, Katelyn
As Vinnie would say,
"It's time for Dodger baseball!"
Mark, Tim, Nancy Hall, Julie, Nancy, Pat, Megan, Sheila

Steve, Tim, Doug, Maureen, Megan, Mark, Nancy

Legends of the North South Reunion, Napa, 1991
Tim's there in the top middle, surrounded by childhood buddies Paul Ebert, Joe Payette, and Tom Campbell

Tim, Kevin McNamara, Dennis Brodsky, Mark, Steve, Dan Koenig

Mary Jean, Julie, Mark, Megan, Maureen, Steve, Nicole, Doug, Tim, Clair, Nancy, Cecilia, Pat

Gene plays Happy Birthday while Tom Campbell, Pat Meyer, Jeff Meyer,Pete Savage, Ron Renaud, Bill Kelly, Tim, and Rob Meyer celebrate
Dennis Watson's 60 birthday.
This was when we released our new Caribou Club shirts and hats.

Pat Leahy attempts to engage a
Caribou Defibrillator, (Interstate Battery with jumper cables)
as Jeff, Bill, Ronnie, Tim and Rob watch at a safe distance.
Surfboard is a nice touch.
Seargant Murphy photo, Produced by Paul Atkinson,
This was an attempt to get as many Caribou in one photo as he could.
Here's an enlargement with Tim,
one of the original founders of the Caribou Club

Caribou Campout: Tim, Jeff, John McLaughlin, Paul Atkinson

Dennis helps Tim get squared away after a slip in the mud

Jeanne Atkinson, Tim, Michael Young, Alesandrea and Patrick Meyer visit at annual Caribou Camp Out in Ventura
Caribou Poker Party in Jeff's $500 tent trailer:
Jeff, Tim Donnelly, Gary Sortino, Dennis, Tim.
Jeff sold the trailer after the camp out for $600.

Spring Training, 2017
Front row: Pat Leahy, Patti (Atkinson) Healy, Paul Atkinson, Kathy Leahy, Chuck Collazzi, Pat Mc Ardle.
Back Row:  Gene Meyer, Tom Campbell, Bill Kelly, Jack Meyer, Dennis Watson, Patty McNamara, John McLaughlin, Tim McArdle
Doug honors the memory of his Dad at the Memorial Service in Lodi

Judy, Mary Jean, Nancy, Maureen, Pat, Julie, Cecilia, And Megan.

Gene, Nancy, Pat, Paul, Tom, and Dennis pose with
Tim's photo and Dodger jersey at the reception in Stockton.

Doug, Nancy, Clair, Steve, and Mark

We would all like to thank Pat McArdle's sister
Jan and her husband Phil Featherston
for providing us with their beautiful home and reception in an idyllic setting.
Live each day as an adventure
Caribou favorite shot, first place:
The Irish Twins.
So long, Tim. Tough to say goodbye.

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