The Walkers 

The BIG walk from ZUMA BEACH to BIG DEANS in Santa Monica will take place on Sunday January 24th, 2010, at 5:00am at Zuma.
Those that are driving with me will meet at my house at 4:00am.
Those that want to meet at Zuma, we will get there at 5:00 am.
If you are walking half of the walk, you can start at Zuma and walk to Malibu Pier(8:00am). (chase car will pick you up there); or you can walk from Malibu pier to Santa Monica Pier.
 We will arrive at Big Deans about 11:30am.
There is a group that are only walking half, and a group who will walk out from big Deans to greet the Caribou.
It is advisable that you have walked at least 10 miles before you try to walk the whole distance.

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Zuma Walk 2010

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