Below, the paint crew prepares


And, of course there was a Caribou Campout in 2013.

More photos, click on Caribou Campout

A Caribou contingent went to spring training in Phoenix to check out Dodger pitching and Tommy Lasorda's groupies. We're doing it again March 9, so if you're interested in going to Spring Training, let us know. For more photos go to

Announcements 2013


Above, Paul Ebert pretends to be retired by recharging Suzanne's air conditioning. Tough 2012, good 2013, Paul turns 70 Feb 8, 2014 

Above, at (Jack's son) JJ's wedding reception in June in San Jose,

cousin Patrick shows godfather John the proper use for chopsticks


Sadly, there was no poker party this year, so we need to have two in 2014. Suggestions welcome

Above, Caribou stalwart Pat Leahy visits France with his eco friendly Caribou Club Shopping bag during the summer of 2013.
Pretty much, the only words I understand in this entire photo
are on the bag.


Speaking of Caribou, here's Gene with his eco friendly Caribou bag in front of the

International Marketplace in Waikiki,

which closed down forever on December 31, 2013

Buck Meadows performed this year on Mothers' Day in Napa

during the mammoth Bottlerock Festival. Here he is playing a Gibson Mastertone banjo, which is roughly the weight of a bag of concrete. Click on

Karen Robertson was back in So Cal from Vancouver Island, Canada in 2013 to see her Aunt Betty. Here's Veda, Betty, and Karen

enjoying the warm climate in Ventura

We're hoping for a visit from Keith (Mexico trip?) in 2014

The Caribou Club was ever present at Bay St in 2013. The core group is there every Saturday and Sunday. but sometimes we do breakfast for the Caribou, their families, and anyone in a wetsuit 

We have no golf photos, but golf in 2014 was busy, especially with a field trip south to play Redlands Country Club with our host Pat Leahy.

Let's all play more golf in 2014!

And here's our 2013 mandatory surf shot, showing

Buck Meadows, (yes, in his Stetson)

being casual at Hobson Beach, Ventura. More waves in 2014!

Chuck watches in amazement as Jeff launches Ahmad's drone

to check out the surf

Rudy and Norma Hernandez turned 85 and 80 this year,

proof that Van Nuys is San Fernando Valley's fountain of youth.

Nice hat, Norma.

Speaking of which, below is sous chef Gene, Chef John, and

Caribou extrordinaire Joe Prata of North Hollywood

who celebrated his 85th birthday this year by surfing at Bay St. Click on Joe's story in the Valley News. 


Even though the release party was in 2012, we're still getting much feedback on the Sgt Murphy Album.

In fact the album reached number seven, (with a bullet), in Afghanistan in 2013

To get a copy of this Caribou collectors' item, contact Paul Atkinson


In 2013, we wished many people happy 70th birthday, among them Terry.

Click below to see Terry celebrating his birthday at a charity event at

Channel Islands Yacht club. Cheryl said it's difficult to picture Terry in a yacht club, not to mention donating to survivors of a boat explosion.

You picture him more in the explosion! Click on

Below, Here are our old friends from Hawaii, Clem & Evelyn Crow, still cooking along after almost 50 years of marriage, wishing to send their

Aloha to the Caribou Club

 We also want to include the names of Caribou who didn't make it to 2014,
Felipe Quezada, father of Veronica Quezada Young, April 18

Tom Carmody, husband of Kathy Leahy, November 14

Virgil Evans Sr, father of Caribou stalwart Virg Evans, December 5

If I left anyone out, let me know.

If I don't make it through 2014, let someone else know.


 Santa Monica, Bay St. Happy trails to you,

or as the great Caribou prophet, Bob Dylan, says,

Long may you run

(Which one of these guys is from Las Vegas?)

Below, aspiring chefs Dennis and Gene accept a new hot dog steamer from the Bay St Caribou Walkers Association.

Look forward to Cupids surf dogs this year!

 And so as we look into 2014, all we can say is "The future lies ahead."

We can't help you any more than that.

See you this year!!!!