Below is the 2010 Caribou Campout.

Click here for 2008 Campout. Click here for 2004 Campout

The 2010 Camp-out was a tremendous success. The weather cooperated, the food was great, and we didn't set the mountainside on fire. Thanks to all for joining us, whether you were camping, day visiting, or just stopping by to use our bitchin' bathroom/ shower facilities. Below are the first photos in no particular order. We will try to post more photos daily, so check back every few days.

Friday night bonfire. When John's off work, it's shorts no matter what.

Oh California!!!

Bill Kelly, Patty Mac, Gene, Pat Leahy, Darlene & Paul Campbell

Chuck plots his winning hand against a hapless Terry

Ebert & Flynn

Chef John guides his Sous Chef through the chili dog motions

Our 10 hikers on a Saturday morning tribute to exercise.

On their way to the La Jolla Canyon waterfall

Jeff entertains the cleanup crew

Alesandrea, Rudy, & Patrick enjoying the sunset

Cheryl, Kenny, Kathy

Sharon & Jenny Coultas

Terry & Roger

Kathy Dorney & Don Phillips

Contemporaries: Tonie Furlano, Ed Flynn, Jeanne Atkinson

Caribou put their lives on the line while Ahmad, in background, 

operates the heavy machinery

(I got a bad feeling about this; check out the car)

Former La Jolla Park Ranger Mike Young demonstrates

why he's no longer a ranger

Can you spot the 1964 high school graduate ?

Patty Mac and her subjects


Below: More shots, Second installment

John & Paul, Friday evening

Kenny's sleeping arrangement

Can you find Kenny?

Stan, Paul, Dennis, Rudy & John discuss important issues, Friday night

Oh, There he is!

Terry balances his new combination

Caribou Hat & Coleman Lantern

Breakfast Saturday

Eggs, Salsa, Refried Beans

Gene, Veda, Tonie

St Elisabeth School?

Cousins Tonie Furlano & Theresa Villarino

Ryan tries to steal Jacoby's hat 

Rob, Nancy, Chuck & Sherry grill Virg while the party swirls around them

Mike & Catalina

The Musicians!!!

Virg  & Chuck

Dennis & Tom try to take credit for all the food

Weinerman and his dysfunctional bodyguards

Wildcat Meadows signs yet another autograph since returning from Chile

What was down in that mine? The Fruitcake!

Who gets it?


Zombie Jamboree!

Kenny & Kyle discuss Chile

True secret to Cupid's Chili


Runner up Terry reconsiders his choices

before surrendering the poker trophy to Chuck

Penny & Terry renew old friendships

Veda, Danny, & Suzanne

Windy Saturday Night

Sharon, JP & Jenny Coultas

Happy 82, Rudolfo!

Terry's new responsibility:

The Fruitcake!

 Finally, the Bongo Drums show up!

The photographer

Tom gets ready to haul the cow to the next function.

Stay away from that trash can!

 Below are 2 photos of our campsite taken aboard Terry's boat. In the photo below the canyon is to the left of the bow of the boat. You may notice the large sand dunes in the right in the picture, popular with tourists and exercise fanatics. The campground is between the dunes and Pt Mugu on Pacific coast Highway near the Ventura/LA County line.

Above is a closer photo. The campsite is just above the highway. The building you see at the end of the short road is a bathhouse. That's right, indoor plumbing, (No portapotties for the Caribou!)

Above, our own bathroom structure

Main community area, with overhang 

Ocean View from Camp

Please ignore the trash in the photo. Also the dumpster behind him.

Mountain View from Camp 

Beach & Mugu Rock, (Across PCH from Camp)