Welcome to the Caribou recap for last year, 2013.

We all managed to get through another year still puffing along.

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2013 Caribou Campout


2012 Caribou Recap

The year featured many highlights and birthdays,

(everyone reading this had one!)

One highlight was the haulout for Terry's boat

And, of course there was a Caribou Campout in 2013.

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A Caribou contingent went to spring training to check out Dodger pitching and Tommy Lasorda's groupies. for more photos go to announcements 2013

Sadly, there was no poker party this year, so we need to have two in 2014. Suggestions welcome

Buck Meadows performed this year on Mothers' Day in Napa

during the mammoth Bottlerock Festival


The Caribou Club was ever present at Bay St in 2013. The core group is there every Saturday and Sunday. but sometimes we do breakfast to the Caribou, their families, and anyone in a wetsuit