Below is a Recap For 2011, (including the end of 2010) 

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July 15:  We lose our old Van Nuys pal Skip Gentry, age 66.

August 10:  Caribou Club introduces Announcements Page(All things Caribou)

October 10:  Stan Thompson, shown below with his new Stan Thompson golf clubs,  retires from Santa Barbara City Fire Department

November 12 & 13: Caribou Club Campout 2010, complete with Cupid’s Hot Dogs, held at La Jolla Campground, Point Mugu.  Campout activities included the Annual Caribou Poker Party. 2010 trophy winner: Chuck Collazzi. Fruitcake also passed from Tom Campbell to Terry Coultas.


December 5: Caribou Club sets off on Chile Expedition 2010




Jan 1: Caribou Club Board member Dennis Watson, pictured below at his 60th birthday, retires and decides to terrorize the world by playing golf 4 days a week.

January 10: Crew of Sportfishing Boat Perfect scatter the ashes of original Caribou Club Member and boat master chef, Ron McCanna, who passed away in 2010..... Arch Rock, Anacapa Island.


February: Launched at Halftime on Superbowl Sunday, in spite of many requests, The Caribou Club introduces the world to “Ask Coastal Eddy,” an advice column for surfers, fishermen, lovers, and losers.

Feb 22, 2011, Tom Campbell, of Oxnard, pictured below, scores a hole in one on the 168-yard seventh hole at Buenaventura with a seven rescue club.

Feb 21: Caribou Club Member Ron Renaud, pictured below with John McLaughlin, is awarded Knight of the Year at a celebration held at a packed Notre Dame High School Gymnasium.

February 23: We lose our Van Nuys pal, Larry Billings, in Santa Cruz. Click on


February 26: Van Nuys turns 100. Click on


March  4: Crew of Perfect scatters the ashes of Jim Coultas, father of Terry, John and JP.... Arch Rock, Anacapa Island


March: Caribou Club member Bill Bowles, (cousin of Camilla Parker Bowles) scales Mt Whitney. Returns alive.


March 30: Below, first ever Caribou Club Bobblehead Doll awarded.

April 12:  Caribou Club takes Field Trip to Las Vegas for rest, relaxation, and a    Church Hill Singers Reunion. Photos in Announcements section hyperlink.


April 23: We lose Van Nuys veteran, Hollywood stuntman and skydiving pioneer, Kevin Donnelly, age 70, oldest brother of Tim and Dennis.


May 5: The Caribou Club launches a chat room called Let’s Talk Caribou.         Terry begs that you please sign up.

May 10: Buckingham Meadows, below at Buckingham palace, attends Royal Wedding


July 21.. Below, here's John, Jack, and Jeff in San Diego before escaping to Mexico because of Carmageddon, the closing of the 405 at Sepulveda Pass.

Below: Here's how Pat, Paul and Gene dealt with the 405, (facing the Valley). Photoshop? No way.

July 26: Van Nuys Legend Elanor Phillips, mother of Don, (mother-in-law of Kathy), passes away.


August 8: Caribou Brothers Jeff & Gene head off to Minnesota to See the Missississippi River, buy thrift shop Minnesota gear, and visit Mayo Clinic.


August 27: Caribou Club sends delegation to the Centennial Celebration of Van Nuys, held behind old City Hall. Temperature: 107!  Click on Announcements 2011. It’s in the middle.


September 30: Caribou Club members take the first of four end of the year journeys to Shipwrecks in Mexico for surfing, fishing, eating, and not bathing.


October 24: To celebrate Halloween, Wildcat Meadows, below, sponsored by the Caribou club, returns from Libya after visiting the Kadhafi Memorial.

November 15: Caribou in training (Wolf) Carlo Stagnaro leaves the crew of Perfect and returns (no, he wasn’t extradited) to Peru, where he invites any and all Caribou Club members to come visit, surf, fish, and do all the things they do in Peru.

November 8: Another Van Nuys legend, Theresa Koenig, mother of Dan,  (mother-in-law of Judy), passes away.


November 22: Thomas Rudolph Hernandez, son of Caribou Living Legend Rudy, (stepson of Norma), passes away in San Antonio, Texas, at age 61.

December 15: Michael and Veronica Young celebrate the arrival of their second son, Easton Quezada Young, in Morro Bay. Brother Jacoby is excited to have someone smaller in the house.


December 13: Caribou Club holds its 2011 annual poker party. Chuck Collazzi, above, retains the trophy, but also returns home to Las Vegas with the fruitcake, compliments of Terry.

December 28: Buck Meadows, below, (again?) attends the funeral of Korean Caribou tyrant, Kim Jong Il


Finally, below, the crew of Perfect enjoy the holidays and relax between Caribou activities.

 Happy New Year from the staff of the Caribou Club Newsletter.

Long may you run!